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The Exorcist After The Exorcist

As a horror movie fan, the movie The Exorcist always made my top three. When the series announced its debut, I waited, and now the power of Netflix compels me!

The Exorcist Series Original Summary

The Exorcist after The Exorcist summary below!

The Rance family is haunted by a powerful demonic presence in their house. Supernatural events keep happening until two priests join forces to defeat evil forces. — Google

The Exorcist Series – Official Fox Trailer

The Icon of Many Generations

The series’ announcement revealed that it would pick up after the original 70s movie. The Exorcist is most likely the most excellent horror movie of all time, according to many horror fans.

We know the movie is about saving one little girl from demonic possession, taking over her body and mind. We learn about the Devil, about God, and humans and their interaction with one another.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

The quality in the acting, the script, the soundtrack, the special effects, and everything in between is legendary. For its time, The Exorcist was groundbreaking.

Even to this day, The Exorcist is one of those iconic movies that can’t be beaten. Its inspirational achievement in the horror department is one of a kind.

After all this time, now, we have a series that dares pick up where it left.

Not So Conventional Exorcists

One of the main characters of the series, Tomas, a priest with a heart of gold, dedicates his career to help others. A wealthy family attending his Sunday services asks for his help when one of the two daughters seems to demonstrate strange behavior.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

Another priest, Marcus, exorcist specialist, finds himself in the same parish as Tomas. After convincing one another, they need each other to help to accomplish what needs to be done, they help the family.

Marcus takes upon himself to help Tomas in developing exorcism skills and understanding. After all, Marcus dedicated his whole life to the cause. It takes no time for Marcus to realize Tomas received a gift or a curse when it comes to interacting with demons.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

While Tomas is willing to push his gift further, Marcus waits for the other shoe to drop and a demon to take his friend away.

Wrapping The Aftermath

The first season revolves around the MacNeil mother and daughter. After all these years, the demon that once haunted Regan is back with a vengeance. Despite changing her name to Angela Rance and starting her life over, the demon still found her.

The challenge proves to be more significant when Marcus and Tomas find out that Angela wasn’t who she said she was. They were putting the life of her possessed in danger all this time because of the secret identity. The demon was after Regan, not the daughter.

The Exorcist - 1973
The Exorcist – 1973

What made the first season, so original to me was the power a Covent of nuns had. I had no idea nuns were capable of performing an exorcism.

In fact, not only can they do it, but also they are quite useful. Instead of using a more aggressive and forceful way to “shove” the trinity inside the victim to force the demon out, they use forgiveness and affection.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

Marcus learns from the nuns and develops greater respect for their work. He seeks their help when all other doors shut in his face.

When excommunicated, the Reverent Mother or Mother Superior of the Covent reminds him that it’s not the Church that makes him but his faith. The Church doesn’t decide if you believe or not or if he’s an exorcist or not.

An Amityville Inspiration Maybe?

As an anthology series, The Exorcist wraps up every story at the end of each season. The sequel brings us to a foster home—more like a mansion. The link between each season seems to be not only Marcus and Tomas but the remaining official priest’s gift and visions.

We meet with four foster children in a mansion with a man in charge that loves them with all of his heart. The house’s location is on a beautiful island. However, it has a few dark secrets.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

Meanwhile, on the mainland, we meet with a young girl named Harper. She is a victim of what looks like demonic possession. Marcus and Tomas show up to the house, and Tomas believes Harper is the girl from his vision.

However, Marcus reminds him that there are rules to follow for exorcisms, and one of them is to prove there are no psychological motives such as mental illnesses.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

Along the season, we learn about the consequences of exorcisms and what guilt can cause. Marcus and Tomas carry heavy baggage, and despite their bond as friends and colleagues, sometimes it’s not enough. However, no matter what, they never stop pushing further to help people in need.

A possessed house pushing parents to kill their family and inflict suicidal thoughts? I loved that beautiful tribute to Amityville!

Is The Vatican An Evil Corporation?

Because we don’t only live to see the creepy deformed bodies of demons grotesquely walking toward the camera, subplots take place. In between exorcisms, we witness what is happening in the background.

It is not enough for the demons to communicate with each other exchanging information. They actually plot their way back to Earth to take over the world. What better place to start than the Vatican itself?

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

A group of influential bishops, cardinals, and priests, wealthy donors even meet to discuss the demonic way. Power corrupts, and money is only the way in and proves to be quite useful.

However, some priests refuse the bribes and hold on to their convictions and beliefs. Nevertheless, the people at the head want the demons to spread and are ready to stop at nothing to make it happen.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

While the pope seems unaware of the doing of his men, other higher power seems willing to kill the pope to prove their point and create chaos.

Demonic infiltration from within and down the Church goes.

Diversity In Its Purest Form

In two seasons alone, The Exorcist series was able to show many faces of humanity. Outside of the Church and religion, restrictions and laws, Marcus and Tomas, are humans.

Tomas took the vow but fell in love with a married woman who shared no more love with her husband. At first, it was innocent, but one night Tomas gave in and learned what it was to experience love in a carnal way.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

A few times, he returned to her arms until he faced the husband who cheated on his wife himself but threatened to go over his head to expose Tomas—the most promising priest of his time.

When it comes to Marcus Keane, we know he wasn’t always loyal to all of his vows, a little rebel of his own.

However, when one man meets him, sparks fly, and despite his story, the fisherman and biologist still want him. They both show much affection for one another, and we hope Marcus has his “happily ever after” after the life he had.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

Love isn’t a sin or a crime. The series proves it in so many ways and in so many lights. They dared show that beneath their religious attire, they are humans and capable of love. Maybe it’s time for the Catholic Church to erase that anti-love vow that, to me, is painful to them.

The Beauty of The Exorcist Series

The second season had me cry. I can’t lie about it. So much intense moments and selflessness acts taken by the characters find their way into our hearts. The depth of each character is remarkable.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

Tomas is a young sexy Mexican priest, and they use his language and roots to amplify his character. Marcus, British, they do the same and intensify his role with his strong English accent.

Each character as a role and a reason to be, and they push the story further. We learn more as we go deeper into the story. It doesn’t matter that each year is a different story because the duo keeps going and grow with one another.

The Exorcist Series
The Exorcist Series

Other fun things to know are the usage of The Exorcist iconic instrumental. Another one is the inspiration for one of the scenes from the third Exorcist movie.

Two seasons released but sadly, FOX cancelled the show after two seasons.
I give this series a solid 8.4/10.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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