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The Latest In Horror

Written by Monsters for Monsters

From GBM

  • Gothic Queen Classic Remake Review
    I may be friendly and cordial; however, I struggle significantly with socially interacting, often making me the guy at the back of the room. As Freddie said, Queen totally gets it.
  • The Hellish Killer Who Fought With Joan of Arc
    His outstanding career as a soldier in the Hundred Years’ War and as a comrade in the arms of Joan de Arc should have sealed his fate in history.
  • Butchered Surgery With A Side Of Cream
    Despite the growing evidence, charges were never laid against Thomas, so he skipped the country and headed to Chicago in the United States.
  • Black Twilight By Lefki Symphonia Reviewed
    Lefki Symphonia is not a band I had heard of before. That excited me a bit. I love finding new to me bands and music. 

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Gothic Bite Magazine Crew

Written by Monsters

Gothic Bite Magazine is a webzine where everything dark, twisted and obscure come to life. We are a team of bloggers writing about legends, folklore, the Middle Ages, Ancient Civilizations, Novels, cryptozoology, and underrated entertainment!

We are also looking to showcase the work of indie artists, organizations, publishers and more. We are growing and learning and share more every day.

A place for the Indie Community to promote.

Gothic Bite Magazine is a webzine with Horror at its core but welcome all the sub-genres. We encourage the indie community to use us as their platform to share their artwork in this 18+ environment.

What Gothic Bite Magazine Do!


Gothic Bite Magazine reviews everything from novels to movies, series to music. Our team of writers enjoy the horror and the thrill!

Horror - Serial Killer

Gothic Bite Magazine is about history and it encompasses the darkest humankind has to offer. We have our experts ready!


Gothic Bite Magazine wouldn’t be a good horror magazine if it didn’t research the legends and folklores from all around the world.

Horror - Eye

Gothic Bite Magazine has advertisement available for anyone who wishes to have their work promoted!

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