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Sympathy For The Devil of Netflix LUCIFER

I’m a demonologist raised Catholic and with a strong paranormal passion. I enjoy reading about cryptids, including angels and demons. So, Lucifer had to be on my list!

Original Lucifer Summary

Sympathy for the devil of Netflix Lucifer and the blurb is below!

Lucifer Morningstar, bored from his sulking life in Hell, comes to live in Los Angeles. While there, he helps humanity with its miseries through his experience and telepathic abilities to bring people’s deepest desires and thoughts out of them.

Lucifer Official Trailer

While meeting with a Detective in his nightclub, LUX, a shootout involving him and the Detective leads him to become an LAPD consultant who tries to punish people for their crimes through law and justice. — IMDb, ahmetkozan

The Rising Human

The character of Lucifer initially developed by the fantastic beautiful mind of Neil Gaiman part of DC Comics, we can expect perfection. Lucifer Morningstar, the “human” is nothing more or less than the owner of the “it” bar, LUX.

The bar serves as a place luring humans not only to gorge in carnal passion and overpriced drinks but also to meet the owner. Lucifer has this scheme, he pulled with him from Hell, or as he put it “God-given” trick to get people to ask him favors.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

Lucifer, with his endless nights of passion, orgies, and life of debauchery in a luxurious way, seems addicted to Earth. Despite warnings from his loyal demon, Mazikeen, or angelic brother, Amenadiel, he is not returning to Hell under no circumstances.

Devil Or Not Devil?

Lucifer seems quite superficial so far, but in Gaiman, we trust, to bring in-depth and layers to our favorite Devil with a British accent. After the brutal and hurtful murder of one of his ideal clients, Lucifer shows determination to find who decided to take the mantle of the Punisher.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

He finds an ally in Detective Decker, but despite his honesty and relentless attempts at letting her know he is the Devil himself, he fails.

Often, Lucifer would go on his own to dig deeper into a murder case. Some would classify him as narcissistic or selfish, but let’s put ourselves in the Devil’s shoes, he never had emotions as raw as these and only witness results from parenthood either failing or compromised.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

Lucifer was the ultimate Punisher, the ruler of Hell, the Devil, and the one everyone blame for evil. Now, on Earth, after the murder of his protégée, after meeting the Detective, he tries to find himself and who he truly is. Henceforth, trying to find himself through every murder case.

Daddy Issues

As the episodes go, Lucifer finds himself neck-deep in homicide work as a civilian consultant and in therapy. Yes, the Devil goes to therapy, here’s a taboo that the show actually addressed. Note here that Lucifer never takes the therapist’s advice!

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

Meanwhile, Maze and his brother try to find a way to make Lucifer understand that he is changing, and it is affecting everything and everyone around him. But, Lucifer deserves happiness after millennia as an executioner, wouldn’t you agree?

Yet, he seems to always find a way to have his paranoia take over and think his father is to blame. His father made him the favorite. His father banished him from Heaven. Then he made him king of Hell. He made him the Punisher. His father pushed him to rebel against him, and the list goes on.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

To me, it sounds like unresolved teen issues. Scars that all human carries and learn to either push so deep we think we forget about it or develop a mild drinking problem or we develop mental issues.

In Lucifer’s case, it’s all of the above. Sympathy for the devil of Netflix Lucifer who doesn’t know where the lies end and the truth began about his parents.

Even Superman Has Kryptonite

With Lucifer on Earth, no one is in Hell to carry the punishment of the evil souls falling to their doom. When Lucifer finds himself touched by a homicidal case, he desires nothing more than to bring punishment himself because he knows in Hell nothing awaits them.

With Detective Chloe Decker by his side, slowly teaching him the ways of the law and what she believes, Lucifer develops his way to punish the criminals.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

However, soon, he finds out that he is changing but not because of Earth or humans, but one person alone. One woman, just by her presence in a set perimeter, can kill the Devil.

Furthermore, Lucifer shows other weaknesses. He finds himself caring for the little “Monkey,” aka Trixie, buying her a doll because the Detective wouldn’t see it as a parental abandonment. Lucifer wants justice for every person killed because he is just. He wants to protect those he loves, even Detective “Douche,” aka Detective Dan Espinoza.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

Lucifer might hold his parents responsible for much of the pain that happened in his life. Despite learning that some of the blame is on him as he had free will to decide what to do, he grows.

Throughout the seasons, we see a Lucifer that finds his humanity in the most beautiful way. Nothing cheesy or disappointing, but sometimes in a hard brutal way or in the last resort prayer.

Call Me Devil

Lucifer Morningstar went through great lengths to have legal papers for his name. For five years, he builds his life on Earth. He is a successful man with everything a human could dream of possessing.

Throughout the story, we cheer for Lucifer and hope the Detective sees how much he loves her. We know he doesn’t possess the words or mental means to express himself the way he should.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

We learn to love Lucifer’s interactions with Trixie, Linda, Douche, Maze, Amenadiel, even the Priest and other passing characters. He learns every time and we can see it through his eyes, his grin vanishing or how he steps away.

We can see Lucifer’s heart-shattering, his anger raging from his pain, his love burning from within, and we all want to see it end well. Sympathy for the devil of Netflix Lucifer who deserves to have his ever after ending!

Fallen Angel Close Your Eyes

Lucifer has many talents outside of sex. He possesses this one trick that has anyone under his spell. It comes in helpful in all cases with the Detective or when he’s alone looking for answers. This one sentence I guarantee you read in his voice!

“What is it that you truly desire?”

For those of us who are Trubbies, Lucifer having this effect on humans is reminiscent of Eric Northman’s presence in a room—the older the vampire, the stronger the effect.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

Also the glamor hypnosis vampires have on human to have them spill out their guts. Charlaine Harris, the author of The Sookie Stackhouse novel series and HBO‘s True Blood, is a good recipe resembling Lucifer’s skills. This is just a personal note I like!

The other talent I admire from Lucifer is how the show took advantage of the skill of Tom Ellis as a singer and musician. We do hear Ellis’ real voice, he is the one singing but did not play the piano. Curious, I did see him with a guitar but learned that as of 2019, Ellis did learn the piano!

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

We can hear him sing I Will Survive, Eternal Flame, Creep, Sinnerman, and All Along The Watch Tower. One that I would have to stand up on the couch is when I recognized the notes of The Unforgiven by Metallica, but it was only the piano and no words. The other one, I suspect, was Ellis playing, was Oops! I Did It Again from Britney Spears, only piano and no words.

The Devil You Know

Lucifer, a character created by Neil Gaiman for his Sandman series. The Devil, we all know that fell from Heaven down to Hell. Lucifer, a series that merged with the hit show Supernatural.

In an episode the Devil mentioned if he could free himself he would go to LA and solve crimes.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

We are lucky enough that Netflix resurrected the show. Moreover, on the 666th hour, made the fourth season available to North America. Now, we know a 5th season is happening and a quite possible 6th too!

So, put both your hands together and pray Tom Ellis comes back as Lucifer for many more seasons to come! Sympathy for the devil of Netflix Lucifer and hope that he comes back and back and back…

Let’s face it, we will always need someone to say, “What is it you truly desire?” My answer is, more Lucifer!

I give it a strong 8.9/10!

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