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Gothic Bite Magazine is a webzine where everything dark, twisted and obscure come to life. We are a team of monsters writing about legends, folklore, Middle Ages, Ancient Civilizations, vampirology, demonology, witchery, cryptozoology, and underrated entertainment!

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The word Gothic often resonates as something dark and usually affiliated, to those less aware of the term, negatively to Satanism. We know those terms couldn’t be further apart, though sometimes influencing one another.

When saying the word, most people imagine Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper. Is it wrong? No, but that is only one aspect of the name. Gothic itself refers to the period in European architecture toward the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance.

Gothic Bite Magazine encompasses all of its faces: from architecture to music to fashion and all forms of art, history, folklore, and legends. Gothic Bite Magazine is a safe haven for everyone considering themselves curious about darker places either in history or entertainment.

We are a group of writers passionate about subjects that are twisted, obscure, and hide under the bed and in closets. We review novels, movies, TV series, movies and more! We left no stone unturned when it comes to doing research articles about monsters, folklore, legends, or speculative sciences.

Gothic Bite Magazine is a proud platform where the indie community can share their work. We proudly advertised record companies, musicians, photographers, authors, and publishers. We even interview local esoteric and oddities stores, artists, editors, authors, and more. We are happy to support those who keep the darker side of entertainment and lifestyle going.

Furthermore, Gothic Bite Magazine prides itself on breaking stereotypes. We welcome everyone from everywhere. We are friends with witches, vampires, and ghost hunters, among many other fantastic people. GBM is for everyone, and once together, we bring this name to life and nourish it by feeding the webzine with articles about what goes bump in the night.

We make ourselves available for everyone to enjoy as a free webzine. We also offer advertisement at a low price. We accept submissions, and we do offer authors new and experienced, the chance to be part of our yearly print with our Editor In Chief, Rebecca Hill.

Gothic Bite Magazine is currently working to build a Monster Bite Store where goodies will be available. From stickers to mugs, posters to shirts, print magazines, and anthologies are all in the same place!

From all of us at Gothic Bite Magazine,
Have a wonderful time on our website!


“Gothic Bite Magazine is run by a very talented bunch of people who are passionate about all things gothic, ghoulish and gory! A pleasure to look at and read, original and creative.”

Alice Renaud

This magazine is very high quality. Wonderful work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rose Black

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