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Who Is Gothic Bite Magazine?

Gothic Bite Magazine is a webzine where everything dark, twisted and obscure comes to life. We are a team of monsters writing about legends, folklore, Middle Ages, Ancient Civilisations, vampirology, demonology, witchery, cryptozoology, and underrated entertainment!

GBM: Written by monsters for monsters!

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The word Gothic often resonates as something gloomy and usually affiliated, to those less aware of the term, negatively to Satanism. But Satanism is its own subject and also suffers from stereotypes, such as The Satanic Temple, which is a good and knowledgeable organisation. We know those terms couldn’t be further apart, though they sometimes influence one another.

Gothic refers to the period in European architecture beginning in the Dark Ages and crawling into the Renaissance eras. When saying the word ‘goth,’ society sees people obsessed with death and afflicted by depression. It is a stereotype we know is wrong.

Gothic Bite Magazine is a haven for everyone curious about exploring what goth means. Gothic Bite Magazine encompasses all of its faces: architecture, art, history, legends, events, entertainment, fashion, and more. We also review novels, book series, comic books, television series, movies, and music.

We are a group of writers passionate about subjects that are twisted, obscure, and hidden under the bed and in closets. GBM left no stone unturned when doing research articles about monsters, folklore, legends, the occult, or speculative sciences.

Gothic Bite Magazine is a proud platform where the indie community can share their work. Everyone is welcome to come in and advertise their work with us. We are happy to support those who keep the darker side of entertainment and lifestyle going.

Gothic Bite Magazine prides itself on breaking stereotypes. We welcome everyone from everywhere. We are friends with witches, vampires, ghost hunters, and many other fantastic people. Where the Gothic goes, GBM follows, bringing us to conventions, haunted grounds, and more.

Our team works hard to make new daily content for our followers. We accept submissions from everyone and offer new and experienced gothic people the chance to be part of our website. We also offer advertisements at a low price.

Gothic Bite Magazine has some awesome merch on TeePublic by GothicNerd aka Clara Winter. That is where goodies are up for grabs! From stickers to mugs, posters to shirts, and so much more!

From all of us at Gothic Bite Magazine,
Have a wonderful time on our website!


“Gothic Bite Magazine is run by a very talented bunch of people who are passionate about all things gothic, ghoulish and gory! A pleasure to look at and read, original and creative.”

Alice Renaud

This magazine is very high quality. Wonderful work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rose Black

Who Runs Gothic Bite Magazine?

Editor-In-Chief: Clara Winter — gothicbitemag@gmail.com
SEO Analytics Advisor: Tara M. Clapper.
Artistic Editor: Clara Winter.
Graphic / Web Designer | Illustrator: Clara Winter.
Associate Editor: Dora Esquivel doraesquivel.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com | Paula Phillips.
Deputy Editor: Kasey Hill — kaseyhill.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com
Correspondence Editor: Kasey Hill.
Senior Editor: Clara Winter | Kasey Hill.
News Editor: Paula Phillips — paulap.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com
Social Media Editor: Clara Winter | Tara M. Clapper.
Review Expert: Becki Kolodziei — rebeccak.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com | James Vaughan — jvaughan.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com

Who Writes For Gothic Bite Magazine And Who Writes What?

Have a tip for us? Contact us!

Clara Winter: Vampirology | Demonology | Mediaeval History | Cryptozoology | Viking History | Celt History | Entertainment Psychology | Wicca | Demonolatry | Occult | Paganism | Norse Paganism.
Email: gothicbitemag@gmail.com

Tara M. Clapper: SEO | History. Marketing Strategist | Content Creator at Riverside Research | Blogger | Inbound Marketing Expert | Analog Game Designer | Report | Report | Business Info.

Dora Esquivel: Psychopathy | Criminally Insanity.
Email: doraesquivel.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com

Kasey Hill: Mental Illness | Witchcraft | Wicca | Green Witchcraft | Poetry.
Email: kaseyhill.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com

Paula Phillips: Serial Killer | Peculiar Historical Figure | Breaking News.
Email: paulap.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com

James Vaughan: Pop Culture Expert | YouTube Expert.
Email: jvaughan.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com

Becki Kolodziej: Witchcraft | Review Expert.
Email: rebeccak.gothicbitemagazine@gmail.com

What Are The GBM Monsters?

The GBM Monsters stand for the Gothic Bite Magazine Crew or Senior Staff. We are an independent entertainment webzine focused on the gothic lifestyle. Gothic Bite Magazine is reminiscent of Gothic Beauty Magazine, but with much history and paranormal focus. We are also a proud platform for all gothic workers and artists.

What Does Webzine Mean?

Webzine is a term for digital magazines and audiovisual magazines. We are a daily online magazine and soon a monthly podcast. We are exclusively online for the moment, but our first two years provided our followers and readers with an annual print.

While we are independent, not a traditionally published magazine, we have a passion for gothic news. We use WordPress as our host and domain provider. Our crew is a bit nerdy and techie and geeky, making the webzine work as it should for everyone to enjoy.

Are The Articles You Write All Fake And Made Up?

Not at all. We are experts and professional writers, authors, and researchers. What Gothic Bite Magazine writes about is accurate to the extension of the crew’s knowledge and research. Our articles have labels and categories according to their source and primary topic.

The critiques are subjective to the reviewers’ taste and are fair and done by experts. For example, when writing about vampires, we write about the creature’s history and evolution in our society. When the subject is paranormal, we clarify the testimonies and the subject.

If we have an announcement on the fresh latest news in the gothic or horror community, we share our knowledge with the best of our resources and verification. We take our job seriously and want to offer our followers and readers the best quality.

When performing and publishing an interview, despite the editing done on the piece, the views are those of the interviewee and not our staff. We appreciate your understanding.

What Is The Comments And Readers Policy?

Gothic Bite Magazine loves it when you get involved and share your thoughts with our writers and senior staff. We love having discussions with all of you and interviewing outstanding people too! When we say we are a platform and a haven for our followers and readers, we take it seriously. This webzine is yours as much as it’s ours.

That said, to ensure this webzine remains a haven for everyone, we strictly review what we choose to publish. Because you want the best the gothic, horror, and paranormal communities offer, we must have rules.

We implemented those rules, and, and submission reviews to protect our staff and you, our readers and our followers. They are also there to protect those we interview and review.


We do not accept, under any circumstances, insults directed at our staff, interviewees, artists, readers, and followers. A direct insult with no other objective than to be obnoxious results in a deleted comment and banning from our groups and pages.

We do not accept offensive or perverse comments on the physical appearance of our staff, interviewees, artists, readers, and followers. Men or women who make perverse remarks on our webzine, groups, and pages result in banishment without notice. The same goes for our advertisers and photography of various events, shared videos, or any other shape or form, including but not limited to audio and visual.

There is no place near or far at Gothic Bite Magazine for hatred: racism, sexism, trolls, homophobes, paedophiles, perverts, womanisers, religious extremists, fake news spreaders, political remarks, scammers, excessive profanities, spammers, and bullying of any kind. Any haters, male or female, result in banishment without notice.

There is no sharing of inappropriate GIFS, emojis, images, or interactions on Gothic Bite Magazine’s social media or website. We want to maintain a high-quality environment and safe place for our people, including our staff and interviewees.

We can’t have eyes on all aspects of GBM at once, so if you see something inappropriate, feel free to contact us at: gothicbitemag@gmail.com with the subject: VIOLATION OF COMMUNITY STANDARDS.

The bottom line is that everyone should feel free and safe in our wonderful gothic community. The key is to remember that behind the words we type, a human at the other end will read them. Be kind to each other.

Is The Gothic Bite Magazine Senior Staff Real Writers And Experts?

Yes. Québec-Canadian Clara Winter is a certified vampirologist, demonologist, cryptozoologist, editor, and proofreader. She also has Mediaeval History, Viking History, and Celt History certifications. She studied graphic/web design, illustration, sequential art, and creative writing. Winter is a professional author with the Vladislav series and the Liberty series.

Dora Esquivel is an American-Texan military veteran. She is a bestselling author in the LGBTQ+ genre with Hunters & Killers and has other series and the paranormal genre.

American Kasey Hill is an active witch and practises the occult. Kasey is also an Award Winning Author, a prolific Poet and a graphic and web designer. She also is an advocate for mental illness awareness and to break the taboos surrounding it.

Paula Phillips, or The Phantom Paragrapher, is a professional blogger from New Zealand. She has a passion for serial killers from all eras in humankind’s history. She is a professional author and one can find her amazing work on Amazon.

Native from Maryland, USA, James Vaughan is a passionate pop culture fanboy with a nose for reviewing videos. He took a class in Photoshop, and Clara Winter was his instructor in traditional drawing.

A woman from the historical country of Wales in Britain, Becki Kolodziej is a passionate witch with a wonderful background in gothic reviews. With a taste for the occult and darker side of history, we are lucky to count her as part of our GBM team.

If I’m A Fan Of An Artist You Interviewed Can You Put Me In Contact With Them Or Pass On My Idea?

Sorry to say we cannot. When interviewing someone, we do not receive personal information; even if we did, it would be disrespectful and unprofessional to circulate the information. 

We are very protective of those we interview and have contact with, and we wish to keep a healthy professional relationship with them.

It is next to impossible to derail from our interviews. If we are in a public setting for the press to meet with various entertainment public figures, we often have restrictive time with them. Implementing a set of rules is standard in those conditions.

Is It Possible To Work For Gothic Bite Magazine?

Yes. We have writing positions available in various subjects. However, we take our job seriously and ask for a weekly article. Each writer has a day for publication each week. For more information, click on our website’s ‘Submission’ section.

Why Do You Have ‘Buy Me Coffee’ And ‘PayPal’ On The Website?

GBM is a small independent webzine, but we dream big! We wish to keep our website advertisement-free, except for those who buy directly from us. We need advertisers, donations, and support from our epic followers and readers to keep our fantastic gothic webzine up and running.

It helps with the hosting costs and maintenance of our webzine. It allows us to expand and reach more prominent names in the magazine industry. In other words, ‘Buy Me Coffee’ and ‘PayPal’ are two easy ways to support Gothic Bite Magazine and show us some love.

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