Gory and Gore Awaits in The Beast by Dora Esquivel

A killer beast comes back to his Louisiana roots in this standalone novel written by the dark heavy romance thriller author, Dora Esquivel. Available on Amazon, get your copy while The Beast is hot!

#1 Best Selling in LGBT+ Horror Fiction! But first…

Who Is Dora Esquivel?

Dora Esquivel has been on her own since the age of sixteen years old 16. She considers herself born a rebel.

She grew up on the border of the American State of Texas and the country of Mexico. Dora had many adventures in her military career in the AirForce. She traveled the world and yet, kept her dream of writing alive.

Dora has many various journals that she kept. Each of them, filled with written stories that now needs to be worked on and step in the world of literature. She has now reached a point in her life where she wishes to dedicate herself to her passion for writing. With many stories in her head, Dora believes her imagination can’t leave her alone.

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While listening to 80s music when not writing, you can also find Dora either exercising. She loves taking care of her family, as she has a full house with her mother, husband, two sons, and dogs. She keeps herself busy and well surrounded.

Dora Esquivel
Dora Esquivel

However, do not categorize Dora as a happy go lucky author. This author prefers the dark side of literature, where horror, gore, and sexual encounters meet one another. There is nothing more luring than the darkest of creatures dragging you into its hell.

A regular writer for the paranormal webzine, Gothic Bite Magazine, Dora has also participated in various anthologies and projects. She has a few novels out, her latest being, The Beast.

To keep up with Dora, join her website mailing list and follow her on Gothic Bite Magazine!

Now, The Beast Awakens

The hunters become the hunted in this thrill ride of dark terror and steamy mad obsession.

Remi Dumas, a local detective, is reluctantly partnered with the mature, more experienced FBI field agent Elias Suarez.

It happened when a string of mutilated corpses starts showing up near the Louisiana swamps. As a result, a serial killer once known as The Beast, who terrorized the community by targeting young men for years resurfaced.

The Beast - Hunters and Killers - Criminal Delights Serial Killers by Dora Esquivel
The Beast – Hunters and Killers – Criminal Delights Serial Killers by Dora Esquivel

Furthermore, there is an odd feeling that Remi might know who the notorious serial killer could be. Then, the moment Remi recognized the victims’ carving in their flesh were the same as those found on his older brother’s body, Rene, twenty years ago, the case becomes personal.

When the tables are turned, and The Beast moved his obsession with Remi, it was clear Detective Dumas would need to push himself to his own limits. In other words, he had to make it out of this investigation alive to avenge his brother’s death.

As Remi searched throughout his past to his present for clues to the murderer’s identity, he must fight the delightful distraction before him. In this case, the mature and irresistibly athletic FBI Agent, Elias who was sent to help him solve the case.

In a world where killers hunt under the cover of darkness, Detective Dumas must rely on his steamy partner. While he’s not sure he can trust him to help drag a murderer in the cold hard light of day, Remi must face his unresolved issues from his past.

Mature Audience Only

WARNING: This is a dark, M/M novel with high heat. The content shows explicit violence, gore, and disturbing themes. It is NOT intended for all audiences; reader discretion strongly advised.

This book is part of CRIMINAL DELIGHTS. Each novel from the anthology is a standalone and contains a dark M/M romance.

WARNING: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.

Can’t Get Enough?

Well, good news! There is a secret for you: A special edition of The Beast is in the making to be available to everyone on Labor Day Weekend! Don’t believe us?

Dora Esquivel is attending the Heather Graham’s Writers For New Orleans event from August 30th to September 1st, 2019 at Hotel Monteleone in Louisiana!

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet Dora in person and get your signed copy of, The Beast!

The OCD Vampire,
A.D. Wayne

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