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Inerview with Carter Buschardt from THE Bigfoot Field Researcher Organization

Bigfoot is part of a global legend and folklore. The name might change, but this Cryptids creature persist. We have the pleasure to present you a fantastic interview with one of the best organization regarding Bigfoot, BFRO’s researcher, Carter Buschardt.

Man of Many Talents

My name is Carter Buschardt, and I am originally from Dallas Texas. I now reside in Liberty Missouri, which is just outside of Kansas City Missouri. I had an eventful life before becoming a researcher for BFRO in 2009.

I was a rock drummer for 18 years and played just about any state you can name and several countries. One of my bands opened for the Who. In between my various bands, I was a lighting director for numerous big-time bands: James Taylor, Bad Company, Grand Funk Railroad, Three Dog Night, among others.

Carter Buschardt - BFRO Researcher
Carter Buschardt – BFRO Researcher

I was also improvisational and sketched comedy performer and writer for about 5 years after the music played itself out.

Fast forward to 2008. I had, and have been, interested in the paranormal and cryptozoology virtually my entire life. I cannot say there was anyone catalyst for getting into Sasquatch research, but just a need and desire to be involved.

I “knew” they existed. I picked a random public expedition to attend in 2008, and as soon as I returned home, I was hooked. To become a researcher one had to attend several expeditions, and then be recommended as a researcher based on cognitive and research skills that resulted in correct results.

Property of Carter Buschardt - BFRO
Property of Carter Buschardt – BFRO

Since becoming a researcher, I have led three public expeditions in Missouri and countless private expeditions in numerous states. I have consulted on two of the Finding Bigfoot TV shows for Animal Planet, and have had at least 60 or more reports, and counting, published to the website.

I have had three visual night time sightings through my thermal vision cameras. I have seen, heard, recorded and photographed things that defy “rational” explanation of known animal life forms. I specialize in stick structures, burial, print casting, thermal night vision camera research, and Sasquatch language.


ALEXA WAYNE (AW): You must be asked this often but for those who don’t know what picked your interest in Bigfoot what was the defining moment?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Well, in my late teen years, I saw the Patterson/Gimlin Film of the Sasquatch, now known as “Patty.” There were newspaper reports in the late ’50s and early ’60s of monstrous footprints found and cast in Northern California.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of the newspaper from a friend whose brother was serving in Hawaii. He mailed them to my friend, and we were mesmerized.

Patterson Gimlin Film Frame
Patterson Gimlin Film Frame

I was already heavy into the UFO subject before that, so the Sasquatch subject was a natural addition. I had studied to be a MUFON investigator. I have always “known,” or believed, that many things in the world and universe exist, no matter what mainstream science would have us believe.

AW: The first considered “solid evidence” of Bigfoot is the 1967 video, is it something that you consider real as a Bigfoot expert?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Yes, as mentioned above. That film and a very few others have stood the test of time and scrutiny. The technology for the “fake suit and prosthetics” theory, needed to make a suit of that nature, did not exist in 1967.

Original Film Enhanced by The Invisible Redneck

Not to mention the rippling muscles and pendulous breasts. Nor did the technology to alter film. Since it was shot on 16mm film, and not digital, that itself virtually precluded any type of fakery other than a fake suit, it stands today as one of the very few benchmarks, by which all others are judged.

AW: What has us interested at Gothic Bite Magazine by Bigfoot, is the fact that the species seem to have, like humans, spread around the world—Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, however, is there a reason for its perpetual hiding?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Well, that is a great question actually, with numerous potential answers. For starters, have you noticed what we “civilized” humans do to the planet?

We hunt and kill wildlife for sport, some to near extinction, poison the planet with emissions, destroy millions of acres yearly for all kinds of materials, pollute the water, and kill each other.

Would you want to hang around the “civilized” humans? This is an example of survival instincts at their finest. Perhaps they avoid us because of disease. We may have some types of illnesses that would decimate their numbers since vaccines are not available to them.

AW: Would you consider the Swamp Monster part of the Bigfoot “family”?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Yes. Also, to be inclusive, other bipedal Cryptids are probably mistaken for Bigfoot, and conversely, Bigfoots that are mistaken for the Swamp Monster and other bipedal Cryptids. The physical characteristics are quite similar.

AW: Which case was the most groundbreaking for you?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Well the Patterson/Gimlin film was my launching pad, but more recently, my sightings and several habituation/visitation sites I continue to visit and research are the motivation for me.

AW: Do you find your job harder with the technology available today?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: On the contrary, technology is helping us see and do things with research we would have been unable to do even just 10 years ago. Thermal and drone technology, zero light, or black flash trail cams, audio recorders, among other means.

AW: On the Terror in the Woods TV show a Bigfoot researcher claimed Bigfoot might be of extra-terrestrial origins, do you believe in that theory?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: To preface that therory, I will share my personal philosophy regarding cryptid research.

If I don’t know virtually everything about a specific cryptid or subject, then I must at least consider virtually anything related to that creature or subject.

An open mind opens many doors. There are too many reports these days by those I /we deem credible, of paranormal events accompanying Sasquatch sightings, to dismiss them outright.

Who is to say that Humankind is not of extraterrestrial origins? Interdimensional travel, portals, orbs, and UFO’s are mentioned in enough witness events that you cannot arbitrarily dismiss them. Yes, I do believe in the possibility of that theory.

AW: Some believe that Bigfoot might be the evolution of the Neanderthal species as we happen not to be related to it, would that be possible?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Possible, yes, of course. There seem to be several “missing links or pieces of the evidence chain,” so to speak.

Gigantopithecus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Homo erectus, Denisovan, and a variety of other hominids and subspecies are all in the running. The “scientific” community refuses to consider virtually any evidence we may have regarding the origin(s) of Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Their eyes and all possible doors are closed.

AW: What is your advice for people who either might encounter Bigfoot by accident or want to find him or her?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Well, for one thing, do NOT attempt to harm or kill. Period. That cannot turn out well for either party. If they turn out to be related to us in some way, you do not want that blood on your hands.

It seems to be a relatively common reaction by humans to kill or harm something they do not understand and ask questions later. If you are going specifically out to see if there might be an interaction, just be yourself.

Take a camera or voice recorder. However, honestly, they are very curious about humans, our families and our day to day routines. Especially our food.

Most of my encounters occur when they come in to view our campsites. The sounds of our children and conversation. Music. Food cooking on the fire. Just be aware of your surroundings. Look. Listen. You might be surprised.

AW: Did shows like Finding Bigfoot made your work harder for BFRO’s credibility?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: On the contrary, it has made it easier. Before the show and social media of all kinds, there was a sort of taboo regarding those poor innocent people who admitted to having seen these creatures.

If you saw one and mentioned it, well you were a bit ostracized in your community. After the show and the explosion of social media, there was an about-face in attitude.

Good credible witnesses are now coming out of the woodwork, drawn by the courage of others to come forward. I am taking reports now that go back to the 1940s. Some mind-boggling events to be sure.

AW: When visiting your website, I could feel your passion for bringing knowledge and information about Bigfoot to the audience, however, what climate do you believe Bigfoot is mostly attracted to—mountains, ordinary woodlands…?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: They live in all climates as far as we can tell. Yetis in the frigid Himalayas, Yowi’s in the more desert areas of Australia, rain forests of North America, you name it.

Even the arid and mountainous regions of the American southwest. They appear to be quite adaptive. If an area has an excellent food source, waterways for travel, food (fish) and drinking water, good cover, and best of all, a remoteness that makes human confrontation or interaction at a minimum, then that is home.

There are theories of migration, but there is not a consensus of agreement on that.

AW: This question is for me, I have to ask! Haha. I am an animal lover; despite Bigfoot being remarkably intelligent—to me, the species still seem more on the wild side. I’ve seen videos of people wanting to find Bigfoot to kill him or her, what is your position on that?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: We, BFRO, are a no-kill organization. So am I. Unless I am sincerely and unquestionably threatened, I will protect myself. I am virtually never armed anyway during expeditions or research, and if I am, it is because of humans, not Sasquatch. The wild side is for their survival. They mean us no harm. It would be quite easy for them to do so, should they choose.

AW: Of course, I must ask, what is BFRO’s mission and has it changed with the years?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: Our mission is to prove the existence of these creatures, and to study them in a peaceful, scientific and meaningful way. We are a no-kill organization.

Property of Carter Buschardt - BFRO
Property of Carter Buschardt – BFRO

Though we would love to have a body for the research, we will come about it naturally and peacefully. They may be closely related to humans in a variety of ways, so to do harm is counterproductive.

AW: Is there any website or social media where people can reach out to you or follow BFRO and if so, does BFRO take report of sightings from people?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: If you want to file a report, go to On the left hand panel, there is a place to REPORT A SIGHTING. Click on that, and type away. A researcher assigned to your general area will contact you.

AW: What can our readers look for from BFRO in 2019?

CARTER BUSCHARDT: BFRO, as well as humanity in general, are turning to technology to discover new things. As mentioned earlier, we are at the forefront of DNA collection, when possible, Drone and thermal camera technology, audio recordings, documentation of any shred of a possibility of existence, and just in-depth research. We are getting there.

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Thank You!

Thank you so much to our special guest, Carter Buschardt from BFRO, this was a captivating interview and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Bigfoot is part of humankind’s history and we need dedicated researchers to find the truth! Don’t hesitate to add BFRO to your bookmark and visit from time to time!

If you are a researcher in what would be considered the “pseudoscience” or “paranormal” please Contact us. It is our pleasure and honor to interview people dedicated to research.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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    1. Everyone has the right to believe what they wish. Research does support his theory that the means at the time makes it more on the believable side than hoax. However, everyone has the right to believe what they wish when it comes to the paranormal.


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