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Ring The Bells of Notre Dame

Today a chapter of history burned in flames. A chapter no one ever thought would end in fire. The landmark in the renovation, the roof engulfed in fire bringing with it its southern tower. No one knows if it is salvageable, people weep the loss of a part of its history.

This article is not a journalistic piece, and it is not a typical blog post from Gothic Bite Magazine. It is a bit small specter of history mixed with my emotional state at the view of Notre Dame in flames.

Cries & Fire

The medieval French Gothic building represents a monumental era of humankind history. It is a French landmark like no others. No other church has the historic Notre Dame has like no other building has these Romanesque towers and rose window looking over its people.

The art, the architecture and the labor of love over centuries in the making and while renovating its walls, authority believes a fire spread due to reconstruction. The roof and spire collapsed bringing with it the heart of France. People amassed in the streets surrounding the building, weeping and singing as there was nothing they could do to save it.

2019-04-15 Notre Dame in Fire
2019-04-15 Notre Dame in Fire

Not Just A Catholic Symbol

Notre Dame is more than just a church; it was an inspiration for many artists and represented moments of history. 850 years of love, art, strength and gathered people from all around the world. One of the most beloved tales born from its walls, The Hunchback of Notre Dame still to this day inspire people.

Le Temps des Cathédrales by Bruno Pelletier from The Hunchback of Notre Dame musical

Its memorable façade is part of so many events, eras and admired for its beauty and location. Notre Dame is not just a Catholic symbol. It represents a part of French history. This building is also a symbol of refuge as granting asylum was a role churches took at heart. This landmark is beautiful in so many ways, and now fire claimed its beauty.

What It Means To Me

I am an artist, a proud French woman from the province of Quebec in Canada. Witnessing the flames taking over Notre Dame was like a spear right through my heart that impaled me. Notre Dame to me is a symbol of beauty and what French people are capable of best, beautiful art and unforgettable moments.

Victor Hugo The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Victor Hugo The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A part of my DNA carries the blood of France and today. It cried out of pain and sorrow. French people today lost a landmark that meant more than words can say. To France, my heart is with you. To Notre Dame, I pray for your reconstruction because without you all French people feel incomplete.

I am sorry if this feels emotional but ever since I saw the pictures I cannot stop crying, and my soul cannot stop bleeding. A part of me went with Notre Dame today.

My love, my heart, my beautiful France, our Notre Dame.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

4 thoughts on “Ring The Bells of Notre Dame

  1. This bought a year to my eye as well !!!! Such a beautiful cathedral!!! Always wanted to see this one day. They sent drones in and they said the damage is awful ! Shared on my socials! 💖😢😢😢

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    1. Yes. It is one of those sad days where 850 years of history vanishes, just like that and there is nothing we could do. We shall never forget this day as it is in our power with our technology today to keep Notre Dame alive.


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