Charlotte Jordan

Charlotte Jordan An Artist’s Story

Gothic Bite Magazine often shared the work of an author that we love, Jane Jordan. Most recently, she brought to our attention the work of her daughter. We guess that art is in the blood.

A British-American Girl

Sarasota artist, Charlotte Jordan was born in Michigan. As a child, she moved to England for six years and lived on the dramatically beautiful Exmoor in the South West of England. Being surrounded by natural elements and animals, gave her a passion for drawing.

Her love of art was nurtured during high school art classes, where she developed her creative style.

Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Jordan

After returning to Florida in 2013, she completed fine art and illustration courses at the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota.  Here she learned how to analyze, evaluate, and focus on her strengths while building a stronger portfolio to showcase her work.

Exhibition Of The Art

Charlotte exhibited several times in The North Sarasota country art shows, and 2017 took first place with her innovative pen and ink ‘Bee Factory,’ a steampunk piece. The same year, her flag design, of a Toucan was chosen to represent the country of Brazil in the prestigious International Rowing Championships that were held in Sarasota.

The design was made into a giant flag for the championships and seen by thousands of spectators.

Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Jordan

Art is at the core of her life, and Charlotte’s highly imaginative pictures tell a compelling story, they have a contemporary feel, and on-trend style. She frequently draws on her love of animals in her artwork and depicts the beauty in nature.

Art With A Message

 As a conservationist, Charlotte feels that connecting with nature through art is a way to bring attention to environmental issues and animals in general. But that is combined with an infusion of a darker, gothic, and often steampunk element. 

She enjoys the engagement with darkness and horror, in some of her more haunting elements.

Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Jordan

In 2018 she collaborated with an author to illustrate a collection of short stories of horror and the macabre, titled, Dark Matter.

From Exhibiting To Teaching

Charlotte stays true to traditional artist skills. Her medium is mainly pen, ink, and watercolor, while she has a strong work ethic, she also has the patience, and ability to dedicate many hours to complete each piece.

Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Jordan

Charlotte teaches classes at a local art center and online creative art classes through Skillshare. She has also been modeling for several years and has a love of fashion and the theatrical. You can follow her on.:

Instagram –

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Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Jordan

Store –

Website –

Charlotte Jordan
Charlotte Jordan

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