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Vlad The Impaler An Introduction To Horror

When thinking about the most horrific names in human history, we can think of quite a few without any effort. But when thinking about torture, fewer come to mind. But when the word blood and Romania surface, there’s only one name that transcends them all, Vlad the Impaler. So, here is Vlad the Impaler, an introduction to horror.

The Heart of Horror

The origins of Vlad the Impaler is not one everyone knows. Not many people wish to search for the darkest minds of human history.

I am one of those ‘freaks’ that devours history from people who spread terror most uniquely and strategically, most preferably, centuries ago. And, Vlad the Impaler an introduction to horror is the right place to start.

Romania Flag
Romania Flag

Vlad III, also known as Vlad Tepesh, i.e., the Impaler, saw the light of day for the first time between the year 1428 and 1431. No one knows his actual birth date and can only estimate it to be around those times.

Vlad III was born Roman Catholic and would eventually become the voivode, ruler, warlord, of Wallachia, today known as Romania.

Vlad the impaler To Horror

The life Vlad witnessed helped him defend his territory many times. He developed an acute tactical sense to protect his people at all costs and be the monster that would strike in the heart of humankind. Vlad’s family was part of the Order of Dragon.

Dragon is a word that was nonexistent in the Romanian language, had Vlad III’s father create one as close as possible. He created one word that would become one to fear and inspire literary work for centuries to come, Dracul.

The Order of Dragon Insignia
The Order of Dragon Insignia

But do not mix the misinterpretation of Dracul meaning devil. After all, what Vlad’s father tried to create was the word dragon. Therefore, the noun Dracula in this historical context meant that Vlad III was the Son of the Dragon.

A secret brotherhood named the Order of Dragon was an assembly of people dedicated to protecting Catholics and Christians from the Turk invasion. They were a military force that would maintain their belief and religion. Vlad III’s ancestry was a part of it, and so was he.

Just like his father, Vlad protected Romania by using the Ottoman Empire or rebelling against it and used his name to protect Catholicism.

Vlad the Impaler Birth Place

Vlad III was born in a town, which backs in the 15th century was the capital of Transylvania, today at the heart of Romania. The name of the city is Târgovişte, meaning merchants in Slavic. There are numerous towns and places sharing that name due to multiple invasions throughout history.

The name of Vlad III’s mother is even a mystery; no one knows her name for sure. He was born in a quite humble building, which today is a restaurant and touristic place to visit.

Romania - Targoviste - Chindia Tower
Romania – Targoviste – Chindia Tower

Although Vlad III’s bloodline is a noble one, the truth is, due to Romania’s history, it was hard for his father to maintain his reign. The era Vlad lived in was unstable due to the constant attacks from Matthias Corvinus and other Muslim-based countries invading countries such as Romania.

Târgovişte was a strategic town and saw many battles in its time. One of the town’s most famous moments was the defeat of one of Vlad III’s harshest enemies. Vlad, the Impaler, was born in someone’s blood, and he had no fear of bathing in other people’s blood either.

Vlad the Impaler Not Dracula

Fans of Vlad the Impaler know that there is next to nothing Dracula and Vlad have in common, at the exception of the name itself. Furthermore, while Dracula owned much of Transylvania and had richness, Vlad III owned nothing.

Vlad the Impaler was a warlord; he led people to battle and protected his country against Turks. Vlad the Impaler reigned three times over Wallachia, which means he lost it twice. His only desire was to have his enemy pay for what they did to his family and his people.

Poenari Castle
Poenari Castle

The famous castle described in Bram Stoker’s novel, the Bran Castle, has nothing to do with the real Vlad the Impaler. Vlad III ordered for one castle’s construction, the Poenari Castle. However, it is almost sure that he never walked inside the Poenari Castle.

It is at the top of a mountain overlooking a large part of Romania, strategically placed, like most fortresses at the time. It was easy to stand guard and see anyone coming their way. Nevertheless, Vlad most likely, himself, never set foot in the Poenari Castle and had prisoners sent to the location to build it for him.

The castle is highly placed and looked overly gloomy and terrifying for anyone daring to attack the homeland of the Impaler.

An Introduction To Horror

This article is only a small introduction and a summary of Vlad III’s life. Furthermore, we can see it as an overview of what he has gone through.

But not to worry I am to reveal more about the one man who inspired hundreds of thousands of people throughout generations.

Corvin Castle - Hungary
Corvin Castle – Hungary

His name to this day inspires fear, lust, heroes, historians, and some even dare say that we need an anti-hero such as Vlad III today. This was Vlad the Impaler, an introduction to horror.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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