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A Christmas Haunting: Clark Mansion by Carrie Bates

Gothic Bite Magazine has many types of reviews and one of them is book reviews, either read or audio. Our Christmas Specialist is on the case for spooky holiday treats! Here is one of them!

The Book Specs

Book: A Christmas Haunting: Clark Mansion
Author: Carrie Bates
Type: Audiobook Review
Narrated by: Steve McCutcheon

A Happy Mansion For A Happy Family

This was a suspenseful quick story about a family home that was anything but perfect. Bob and Emma buy the Clark Mansion hoping to make it a happy home for their family. What they don’t know is that the house has a gory past.

And it’s a past that hasn’t left the house. As the readers/listener, we get the history of the house. We also get the story of Bob and Emma’s family being plagued by the past.

A Christmas Haunting: Clark Mansion by Carrie Bates
A Christmas Haunting: Clark Mansion by Carrie Bates

It all started with a couple who drifted apart and a once happily married man and father who came to resent his family, ending with gruesome events on Christmas. Asking for a tree on Christmas day was the last straw, apparently.

No Christmas Tree For You

Emma and the kids start to witness gruesome and horrifying things in the house. As in most horror stories, the father doesn’t believe them. That is until he can’t deny it.

Emma is the main one plagued by the house’s gruesome history. For some reason, the ghost of the madman picks her to torment the most. He wants her to repeat what he did.

Christmas comes, and the family is in danger. As much as Bob and Emma try to ignore the house’s horror, the place won’t be silent. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole story. Christmas for Bob and Emma’s family wasn’t what I expected. I refuse to spoil this book with more details.

I Enjoy The Author

I have read other ghost stories from Carrie Bates. I really enjoy them.

They are all unique. This one was the perfect Christmas-themed horror. We get the feeling of joy of the season, which quickly turns to horror. This narrator, Steve McCutcheon, was an excellent voice for telling the full suspense story.

Christmas Winter Mansion
Christmas Winter Mansion

As I mentioned before, it’s a quick story. I promise you will be enthralled the whole time. I highly recommend it. Five out of five stars!

Review By: Mary Dean

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