La Quintrala, A Chilean Drop Dead Gorgeous Beauty Killer

People don’t often think about women as serial killers, even less in aristocratic times. However, knowing it is a man’s world, only now do we discover women did more than first thought. How many women do YOU think got away with murder?

Only Men Can Be Serial Killers

When the general public hears the word ‘serial killer’ or a crime has been committed, more often than not, their minds will automatically go to seeing the criminal as a male. 

That is often because eighty-five percent of serial killers are male, and only fifteen percent are female. Also, women don’t seem to be in it for publicity. However, regardless of gender, one is always motivated by a reason to kill. Then again, when it comes to women, the kills are more personal compared to men. 

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Microphone - Podcast - Interview

Gothic Bite Magazine Interviews Their Writer, Paula Phillips

At Gothic Bite Magazine, we love welcoming new patients to become part of our asylum. We question them and learn about them. It doesn’t matter what creative field they are part of because they’re our patients now. This week, we welcome Paula Phillips.

Patient Name: Paula Phillips

Hi, my name is Paula Phillips. I live in New Zealand and have always had a passion for books and writing. I have been running a book blog since July 2010, when I decided to combine my passion for reading books and writing reviews and to share my knowledge of books with the world. 

I have also been writing online for various publications since 2006-2007, after I finished my second bit of study, a Diploma in Freelance Journalism. 

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