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Ring The Bells of Notre Dame

Today a chapter of history burned in flames. A chapter no one ever thought would end in fire. The landmark in the renovation, the roof engulfed in fire bringing with it its southern tower. No one knows if it is salvageable, people weep the loss of a part of its history.

This article is not a journalistic piece, and it is not a typical blog post from Gothic Bite Magazine. It is a bit small specter of history mixed with my emotional state at the view of Notre Dame in flames.

Cries & Fire

The medieval French Gothic building represents a monumental era of humankind history. It is a French landmark like no others. No other church has the historic Notre Dame has like no other building has these Romanesque towers and rose window looking over its people.

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The Gothic Grimoire Anthology

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to present our third anthology to our amazing followers and wonderful readers!

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology is all about the darkest the paranormal can offer from immortals to hauntings, and a grimoire ties all.

The Making of a Grimoire

When seeing many anthologies, four authors thought maybe we could come up with something different, and we all decided to lend on a grimoire mixed with as much darkness as we could and a little dash of what makes each of us so unique in our writing. Some of us have stories tied to our on-going series while others started their set, and this is the introduction to their universe.

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Horror - Antique - Typewriter

Author Trish Beninato

We at GBM, loves when a unique author comes by and let us know about their awesome work! This week, we have Trish Beninato!

About Trish

Trish Beninato is a young adult author who writes fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal with a little romance and strong female leads that kick ass all on their own.

She lives in Colorado currently, but who knows where she will end up next. Even she doesn’t know. She holds a master’s in Education with an emphasis in Reading Literacy, but instead writes the literature she once sought to teach.

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Merry Krampus

Merry Krampus Anthology

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to promote the Merry Krampus Anthology. If you feel like you need something different for the holidays to come and if you think that Santa Claus is overrated, why not give Krampus a chance?

The Mysterious Krampus

Krampus is the mirror version of Santa Claus, a creature of nightmares punishing children for their mean behavior or does he?

In this anthology gathering the work of eight amazing authors: Arielle Lyon previously known as Alexa Wayne, Kendra Hale, Dora Esquivel, Winter Lawrence, Aida Jacobs, Lisa Maciel, Vanessa Ross (no more part of the anthology,) and Maria Mcnamee-Hirt, you may expect to read about the character of Krampus in many lights or should we say many nightmares?

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Horror Asylum

Gothic Bite Magazine out on October 12th!

Gothic Bite Magazine has many surprises in store for you in October, and one of them is a printed and digital issue available on Amazon!

Legends & Folklore

You read right. Gothic Bite Magazine has a treat for readers in time for Halloween!

Going back to the beginning, Gothic Bite Magazine was only a dream of mine and nothing more. Now, it’s getting more real with every day going by, and I’m feeling the pressure of wanting to make it more perfect than the month before.

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Red Cells

From My Heart To Yours

Autoimmune hepatitis, formerly called lupoid hepatitis, is a chronic, autoimmune disease of the liver that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks liver cells causing the liver to be inflamed. — Wikipedia

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My First Blog Interview

When I was younger and read R.L. Stine then upgraded to Stephen King, I wished I could become an author just like them. I wanted to be a published author and come up with stories just like them.

Creating Haven

I lost hope, gained it back, gave up, picked the pen up, and finally, I got my first blog interview as a published author.

When I wrote my first novel that would be published, Mrs. Blackwood, I decided to come up with something a little different, Gothic Bite Magazine.

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New Release by Destiny Hawkins!

At Gothic Bite Magazine we do love to expose authors and their books! This week is no exception!

New release by Destiny Hawkins is happening on September 1st! Be sure to get your copy!

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New Release by Rena Marin on August 29th!

At Gothic Bite Magazine we do love to expose authors and their books! This week is no exception!

New release by Rena Marin is happening on August 29th! Be sure to get your copy!

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