Ghost Story Sunday

Gothic Bite Magazine is now opening their gates to all authors who would enjoy sharing their work with the public. We welcome all writers, from the enthusiasts to the professionals.

This week, we are sharing the fantastic work of the author part of the Ghoul Family, Evilest Gem. It is for your spooky eyes to enjoy!

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When Your Vampires Speak

It was five years ago that I started writing about vampires.  I planned out a thirteen book series.

The Journey

I would be my first novel filled with intrigued and mysteries. Then, it stopped talking to me, and I diverged away…

Now, what to do when your vampires speak again?

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My First Blog Interview

When I was younger and read R.L. Stine then upgraded to Stephen King, I wished I could become an author just like them. I wanted to be a published author and come up with stories just like them.

Creating Haven

I lost hope, gained it back, gave up, picked the pen up, and finally, I got my first blog interview as a published author.

When I wrote my first novel that would be published, Mrs. Blackwood, I decided to come up with something a little different, Gothic Bite Magazine.

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Hotel Transylvania The Series - Quasimodo

Piece of Worm Cake!

Inspired by Hotel Transylvania The Series, my friend Nanye and I decided to undertake the mission to recreate all foods from the beloved franchise.

Piece of Worm Cake!

Yes, from Hotel Transylvania! So, here we go, piece of worm cake!

When I decided to give a try to remake the food from my favorite cartoon, inspired by so many monstrous names and ingredients, Nanye noted that it’d be better off if we tried something easy.

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