Hotel Transylvania The Series - Quasimodo

Zombie Eyeballs Cookies

Let’s face it, Halloween is all about sweets and candy. Monsters know a lot about cookies and candy.

We know how to make them and where to get the right dirt to haunt them good.

Pinterest Test

Everyone looking for recipes often ends up on a post on Pinterest called Spooky Cookies. However, not all turn out well. I, myself, had to make some small little adjustments to the recipe to make it work. Working with blog recipes, sometimes seem so easy and too good to be true! It usually is.

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Hotel Transylvania The Series - Quasimodo

Ghoul-Ash Recipe

Halloween cannot be complete without a real monster recipe given to you by a real friendly monster.

At Gothic Bite Magazine, we are a few that enjoys monster food and so here is my Ghoulash recipe.

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Hotel Transylvania The Series - Quasimodo

Piece of Worm Cake!

Inspired by Hotel Transylvania The Series, my friend Nanye and I decided to undertake the mission to recreate all foods from the beloved franchise.

Piece of Worm Cake!

Yes, from Hotel Transylvania! So, here we go, piece of worm cake!

When I decided to give a try to remake the food from my favorite cartoon, inspired by so many monstrous names and ingredients, Nanye noted that it’d be better off if we tried something easy.

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