The Blob Movie - 1988

What About Blob?

When we think of monsters, Blob isn’t the one at the top of the list. However, it is an important one in cinema history and who doesn’t like Blobby!

Next Superman?

The Blob monster is not one we necessarily think about when the word monster is spoken. We think about the four original classics: vampires, werewolves, frankenstein and the mummy. However, the monster a blob is could be very dangerous and of nightmarish intentions.

It is very hard to say if the Blob monster had an origin else than the 1958 horror movie with a science fiction twist.

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Interviewing Vampires: Belfazaar Ashantison

We all accept the idea that there are things that go bump in the night. Some of us more accepting and/or curious than others. Many just want to know more, and a few are terrified of what they learn.

The Gothic Bite Magazine has reached out to the Vampire Community and several members have been gracious enough to talk with us.

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Canadian Monster?

Canada is not very much popular when it comes to hauntings and monsters. However, we apparently have a Canadian Lizard Monster!

A Canadian Monster

The possibility of a Canadian Lizard Monster fascinates me. I was doing some research for Gothic Bite Magazine on monsters, when I stumbled upon an article mentioning a Top 10 Canadian Monsters.

I had to take a look, although most are strange and rather “drunkard” stories in my opinion, the one that took me by surprise was, the Thetis Lake Monster.

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Napalm Records Rocks Harder!

Exit Eden is only one of the amazing metal symphonic bands they make possible. Let’s dig into who is Napalm Records.

Who Is Napalm Records

Napalm Records is a company that started twenty years ago in Austria in the town of Eisenerz.

As an independent record company, I believe they are one of the biggest on the scene in 2018. It is surely very impressive when thinking it started with only one person with a big idea and a lot of ambition.

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Spooky Swamp Monster!

When I was asked by Alexa if I could come up with a Monster of the Month makeup using my progeny as a my model, I had no choice, but to say yes! And so for this month, here is what I have come up with when I decided to turn my little princess into a terrifying, but adorable Spooky Swamp Monster…
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The Covenant

The Covenant


If you’re in the mood for something a little off the beaten path as far as horror and supernatural goes, you might want to give a decade old movie The Covenant a go. In almost every film we see witches being portrait as women, but this one dared to go the other way and with a good reason.

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Lucas The Spider

Adorable Arachnophobia


While studies show that every human being is born with in instinct of fear of spiders and snakes, many of us grow out of the phobia, but many others retain the terrifying view of spiders.

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Are Leprechauns Magically Delicious?

Are Leprechaun cute, friendly gold gifting symbols of Irish tradition or misunderstood tricksters who only want to be left alone? Today’s our understanding of these mischievous creatures is a mixture of legend, folklore and Hollywood.

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The Origin of Gothic

According to you what does the word Gothic means? Maybe it means a style, a state of mind, a rank or a thought. I propose to explain it to you.

What Is Gothic?

The Gothic environment is all around us from its musical influence to its architecture, its furniture and obviously, the individuals.

To explain everything in details of what Gothic encompass, I will, in this article, bring you on a journey starting with what people inspire themselves with through fashion so I can then talk about its history throughout the years and finish with its influence in architecture, art and furniture.

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