Angel Demon Wings

The Devil’s Landing On Earth

If you grew up Catholic, you must well know the story where Archangel Michael defeated the Devil, and he fell from Heaven. But, where exactly did he land? Satan created Hell following his fall. The answer might surprise you.

The Fall Of All Falls

As part of the Abrahamic religions, Satan or the Devil often uses seduction to induce a sinful response from humans. The Devil is part of almost all religions throughout history. But the one we are addressing comes from not only Catholicism and Christianity, but also Islam as well as Judaism. The Devil’s landing on Earth, is it real?

The Devil is a fallen angel, but when angelic one of the most precious ones to God. He was his favorite and most beautiful angel and ‘son’ at the time. Despite his rebellion against God when he refused to bow to Adam, the Devil lived.

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Un Nouveau Souffle

A New Breath

Gothic Bite Magazine loves to learn of new places that sell peace, crystals, and supports many beliefs. Also, who would say no to a kitty assistant?

Why Un Nouveau Souffle?

It’s been five years that I have visited this esoteric boutique in the little, but old, downtown of the village where I now live.

On one of the busy streets, surrounded by old buildings, not too far from a century old church, there is a store named Un Nouveau Souffle (A New Breath) and just like its name.

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