Dopamine and Serotonin: How We Function On A Fundamental Level

Mental illnesses or disorders are often pushed aside in society or not believed in at all. People have difficulty feeling compassion for the pain they don’t see. So here is an explanation of dopamine and serotonin.

A Daily Cycle Of Madness

Dopamine, serotonin, and all the chemicals that control bodily functions are a daily cycle and follow a circadian rhythm. We have a natural rising and lowering of our chemicals throughout the day. These chemicals are responsible for our sleep/wake system. Serotonin helps the pineal gland create melatonin from melanin to help us naturally fall asleep. 

Dopamine suppresses norepinephrine, which allows us to fall asleep. However, serotonin also promotes wakefulness through the production of norepinephrine. Any imbalance between the two will cause sleeping issues. 

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Lycanthropy Is Much More Than Howling At The Moon

We know the word werewolf, but the technical term is lycanthrope, and the accurate clinical term is lycanthropy. But what does that mean?

What Is Lycanthropy, And Where Did It Come From

The delusion that someone must metamorphose into an animal or be one is a psychiatric syndrome. The scientific community calls it Clinical Lycanthropy

The term itself leads to the affliction of physically morphing into a wolf. Of course, it is impossible and linked to the paranormal phenomenon that is a werewolf. However, it is, to this day, still a disorder despite its rarity. 

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