Black Garlic For Vampires?

We are always looking for something new.  I’ve discovered not so long ago a new vegetable quite interesting.

Without any color, and I believe it to become trendy soon!  I would like to have you discovered what I find exciting and repulsive at the same time, black garlic.

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Supernatural Television Series

Supernatural – Woman in White

CATEGORY : Television Series.
GENRE : Paranormal.
SCRIPT: Éric Kripke
MAIN CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles and Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki.)

Supernatural Television Series
Supernatural Television Series

Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

The episode starts in the darkness of the night on a view of a house and we can hear horrifying music. We are twenty-two years before it all began on November 2nd 1983 in the Winchester house.

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Paranorman Movie


Paranorman is the story of a little boy named Norman who has the gift of seeing and talking to those who have passed away. He sees all those ghosts who talk to him normally and not in a horrifying way.
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The Origin of Gothic

According to you what does the word Gothic means? Maybe it means a style, a state of mind, a rank or a thought. I propose to explain it to you.

What Is Gothic?

The Gothic environment is all around us from its musical influence to its architecture, its furniture and obviously, the individuals.

To explain everything in details of what Gothic encompass, I will, in this article, bring you on a journey starting with what people inspire themselves with through fashion so I can then talk about its history throughout the years and finish with its influence in architecture, art and furniture.

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