Deformed Lunchbox - Cereal Man

Canadian Horror Is Releasing Cereal Man!

Horror Channel Deformed Lunchbox Releases Cereal Man: Breakfast will never be the same…

Cereal Man Will Invade The Screens!

The fastest growing horror channel in Canada— founded by Creative Director Peter HatchDeformed Lunchbox, launches its latest horror film, CEREAL MAN!

Deformed Lunchbox – Cereal Man


With their TV channel based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Deformed Lunchbox offers a unique type of horror that’s both colourful and disturbing as well as delicious and fun.

Deformed Lunchbox Has Meals For Horror Fans!

With over 130k subscribers and millions of views, the Deformed Lunchbox is one to look out for, with a plethora of film festival accolades.


Whether they’re making sandwiches, sticking their hands in toasters, or eating their eyeballs, Deformed Lunchbox is always up to something you’ll want a taste of!

From the team behind the award-winning short film Make Me A Sandwich with over 10 million views, Cereal Man is Deformed Lunchbox’s first venture into full-length movies.

Starring Julian Bachlow, Cereal Man is an all-new horror film revolving around a cereal-obsessed man who kidnaps, maims, traumatises, and eats lots of cereal.


Cereal Man is a hellish 1990’s Mississippi nightmare, mixing an 8mm film and analogue found-footage aesthetic that will rival The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as the new, most terrifying threat of the South.

And it all begins with the Cereal Man entering a contest on the back of a cereal box…

What To Expect From Cereal Man

Writer and Director of this demented tale, Denman Hatch, shared his thoughts on this horrific tale he brought to the big screen.

Deformed Lunchbox - Cereal Man
Deformed Lunchbox – Cereal Man


“I feel positively disturbed by the tragic story of Cereal Man. This is the horror film that will get my parents to disown me, and for that, I know it’s going to have the right impact. This is a story that needs to be told. After creating 50 short horror films since 2016, we are excited to launch our Kickstarter and give longtime fans a chance to support what they have been asking from us for years — a full feature-length film in our colourful Deformed Lunchbox style.”

Denman Hatch

Kickstarting The Cereal Man

While the full-length film is being fundraised on Kickstarter, you can get a taste by watching the available short film on their channel right now, if you dare!

You can support their Kickstarter by following the link and helping bring this full-length film to a glorious fruition of mayhem and murder.

Kasey Hill

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