Come And Read About An Up-Coming Release From Gothic Band, Susurration!

I love the sound of the dark and disturbing. Gothic, pulsating beats that ignite my inner vampire. So, it was a really thrilling delight to be given the chance to review the EBM project, Susurration.

Behind The Name Susurration

The project Susurration, which I must add, has an interesting meaning behind the name of the musical project—Susurration means to whisper. It stands for aggressive, driving EBM beats and melancholic darkwave songs. They always integrate influences from classical music and theatre music. 

The last album, ‘Make Love Like War,’ which came out in September 2022, was presented by Orkus and Sonic Seducer and received many discussions on many international scene blogs.


With that said, Susurration dropped a new single on March 10th entitled Call Me Dead. Powerful lyrics mixed with rippling electronic vocals drip eerily like whispering growls. It is a mind-bending experience that speaks directly to the soul. 

The Layers Of Susurration Music

Call Me Dead is the first single off the new album ‘Hate Is My Love Language,’ which is set to drop in September 2023. It promises to be a mesmerising trance-induced beat. 

Moreover, Susurration’s new album will peel back the layers of humanity by dissecting our inner struggles, including the demons we face regularly and the thin line between self-hatred and self-overcoming.


The message alone for Susurration’s new album intrigues me deeply. The band evokes emotions from the experiences of another through the form of music and cohesive lyrics. 

The human emotion is by far multi-layered and impenetrable at times. With this new project on the horizon, seeing and hearing those painful emotions will be exciting.

My Final Thoughts

With how promising the first single sounds, I have very high hopes for Susurration’s upcoming album and await with bated breath its forthcoming release. 


You can follow Susurration on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify


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