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Gothic Bite Magazine Interviews Their Writer, Kasey Hill

At Gothic Bite Magazine we love welcoming new patients to become part of our asylum. We question them and learn about them. It doesn’t matter what creative field they are part of because they’re our patient now. This week, we welcome Kasey Hill

Patient Name: Kasey Hill

Greetings! My name is Kasey Hill, and I am married with three kids and two fur-babies. I was born in Beckley, West Virginia and raised in Franklin County, Virginia. I am a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch. My sun sign is Pisces.

I enjoy going camping and fishing with my family for vacations, as my family is the most important thing to me. When we aren’t camping, we are gardening or spending as much time outdoors with the kids as possible during the summer.



I have two fur babies, a Pitbull named Blue and a mini-Doberman Pinscher named Duchess. 

I have an associate degree in Paralegal Studies and spent my first summer interning for my local newspaper after graduating high school. I advocate for mental health and have several books written to raise awareness.

I am a published author, poet, graphic designer, and artist. Starfire Aesthetics is also my personal up-and-coming cosmetics company.

The Gothic Side Of Kasey Hill

I have spent the last seventeen years researching occult and theological studies and archaeological, anthropological, and historical accounts of humans and mythology. 

I deeply love and understand strange and paranormal things such as ghosts, UFOs and aliens, urban legends such as Mothman and Bigfoot, for example, the infamous Mandela Effect, and various cryptid creatures.

Bigfoot -Sasquatch


I have an extensive catalogue of published books, varying from horror and Christian Fantasy to romance and poetry. I have several pen names to cover genres since I am multi-general and write both adult and young adult content. 

I have several books on my work-in-progress list that I hope to get out of this year. Two are horror, one is mental health, one is romance, and I want to squeeze in the first allotment for my Christian Fantasy series.  

The Questioning

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: Why did you decide to write for Gothic Bite Magazine?

KASEY HILL: Gothic Bite Magazine‘s running theme has interested me. And I found it suited my interests. The dark, the macabre, and the paranormally geared always drew me. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: What do you like the most about Gothic Bite Magazine?

KASEY HILL: The content that is shared. I love learning the historical information presented in the articles and enjoy writing and researching the topics at hand. 


GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: When did you find out you would want to write novels?

KASEY HILL: I was in elementary school when I started creative writing. By thirteen, I had written my first book, which I subsequently rewrote several times and published under my pen name, Kasey Thompson, Surviving Sarah

I have always enjoyed reading fiction, so being able to create it as well has brought me much joy.

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: You mentioned your work, all set in paranormal or Gothic settings. Please tell our readers why you are more attracted to that genre.

KASEY HILL: Since I was a child, I have heard urban legend stories about Bigfoot and the Mothman and our little urban legend about a witch named Aunt Peachey in the small rural area where I was born. 

Horror and paranormal have always been my interest since childhood. When I was around eight years old, I even encountered—which many don’t believe—UFOs hovering just above the treetops as my mother, sister, and I were going to the store.



My mother pulled over, and we watched as they slowly moved across the sky, doing maybe about two to three mph. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: When writing about the paranormal, do you do research, and if so, how far do you go with your analysis?

KASEY HILL: I extensively research almost everything I write because I want my fiction to be as accurate as possible. I also use the research to write nonfiction pieces about the topics on my blog. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: What is most important to you when writing your novels?

KASEY HILL: When I write my novels, I hyper-focus. So, the most important thing would be to have no distractions, which is pretty hard for a full-time stay-at-home mom. 

Television Retro
Television Retro


GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: Which authors influenced your writing?

KASEY HILL: Cassandra Clare, Stephen King, and others have influenced my writing. 

In high school, I wrote a short story for a contest and let my English professor read it. He told me the ending of it reminded him of Stephen King’s Pet Semetary vibe. 

For a class project we did for a book report, he also told me that my chosen project reminded him of Toni Morrison‘s Beloved. He was my favourite English professor, and I think of him often when I publish books. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: Which of your novels is your favourite, and why is it your favourite?

KASEY HILL: Choosing a favourite would be very difficult for me. I have a wide range of genres in my books. It’s like asking which of your kids is your favourite, haha.



GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: Do you believe in the paranormal? By that, I mean in hauntings, there are creatures out in the wild we still don’t know the existence of.

KASEY HILL: I believe in the paranormal. My Whispering Spirits series is based on the house I grew up in and the haunted land we owned. 

I have already witnessed UFOs. So I believe in those and aliens. Cryptid creatures are my favourite. My roots are in West Virginia, where the Mothman comes from. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: What made you decide to be self-published?

KASEY HILL: I had several offers from publishers for publications. The one I went with I worked for as an editor and gradually became the company’s owner. 

Pagan - Altar - Witchcraft
Pagan – Altar – Witchcraft


That was when I started self-publishing. It’s quicker for my readers to get the content they love by choosing self-publishing. I also don’t have deadlines to work with. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: What distinguishes you from other paranormal and Gothic authors?

KASEY HILL: I’m unsure if anything sets me apart from others. I write what I know, and every book I have published has been something I knew. 

Pagan - Altar - Witchcraft
Pagan – Altar – Witchcraft


Many of us in this genre have attested to some form of experience in the paranormal. Maybe real-life experience can be my thing. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: What can readers expect from Kasey Hill in 2023?

KASEY HILL: I am hoping to release a couple of horror books. One is a rewrite from a previously published book that was co written and pulled titled Dark Woods. Another is a camp slasher called Camp Redwood

Pagan - Altar - Witchcraft
Pagan – Altar – Witchcraft


I have a mental health awareness book I have been working on titled The Diary of Jane: Memoirs of Insanity. There are several poetry books I have completed that just need edits to get out. 

I also have many other works in progress I would like to finish and get out, including the second half of my Christian Fantasy series, The Guardians of Light and my horror series, The Whispering Spirits series. 

GOTHIC BITE MAGAZINE: Where will Gothic Bite Magazine bring you in the coming years?

Pagan - Altar - Witchcraft
Pagan – Altar – Witchcraft


KASEY HILL: I wouldn’t say I enjoy looking at the future because nothing promises us tomorrow. But I hope that in the coming years, Gothic Bite Magazine can open my fanbase wider, and I can reach new readers to enjoy my content. 

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