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Is Belial A Fallen Angel Or A Simple Demon

When watching the popular Netflix series Lucifer, Belial is one name Lucifer mentions to refer to himself. However, Belial is a character of his own rights. Here’s the story…

The Technicality Of Belial

Belial is not just a name, but a Hebrew word linked to wickedness and worthlessness. If digging deeper into the word’s etymology, we get ‘lacking worth,’ some even go as far as ‘may he have no rising.’

In King James‘ version of the Bible, Belial would be ‘a naughty person.’ However, in the Hebrew version, we see phrases such as ‘sons of Belial’ or simply put as ‘sons of worthlessness.’ When phrases use ‘sons of,’ it is a way to describe a group of people.

Angel Demon Wings
Angel Demon Wings

Out of the twenty-seven appearances, the idiom’ sons of Belial’ shows fifteen times to denote the worthlessness of people. Meanwhile, in the King James version, we find those capitalised in ‘the sons of Eli were sons of Belial,’ as if Belial was either a name or a noun.

‘Belial’ can be a function of notions, synonyms, or descriptions. It is a direct comparison to worthlessness in the humankind of the lowest kind. Its usage links to worshipping many gods or paganism. It is also a reference to men who commit adultery.

Belial In Christianism

As part of the New Testament, Belial shows up only one time as part of Paul the Apostle.

“What concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?”

— 2 Corinthians 6:15

The spelling can differ since Belial has many different spellings, but they all lead to the exact definition mentioned above. Most of the changes are because of dead languages, like Beliar to Belial, which is a change from Aramaic pronunciation.

Knights Templar — Fan Art
Knights Templar — Fan Art

From the Old Testament and the early Christian church, ‘sons of Belial’ is a synonym for ‘sons of the pestilence.’ There are other significant characteristics to the usage of Belial, such as avoiding the singular principle rather than using the plural.

But the best intriguing part comes from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Bartholomew in the New Testament. He mentions Belial is visible along with 666 Fallen Angels when Michael receives orders from Jesus to show Hell to his disciples.

The Contradictions Of Synonyms To Flesh And Bones

The Five Books of Solomon are teachings of demonologists and those who study the occult. Belial is part of the seventy-two demons and Fallen Angels of the Lesser Key of Solomon. Belial has a sigil and a summoning ritual.


Following what the Bible shows, Belial becomes a contradiction: what starts as a word becomes a synonym and becomes something visible. So, is Belial a Fallen Angel or a demon or a word? The answer is a bit more complicated.

Those below are the Seven Kings of Hell, and each represents a capital sin. The list of Capital Sins is a creation of the Catholic Church despite now refuting the idea of demons found in demonology. One can clearly see that Belial is not part of this list.

Satan: Wrath.
Beelzebub: Gluttony.
Lucifer: Pride.
Mammon: Greed.
Belphegor: Sloth.
Asmodeus: Lust.
Leviathan: Envy.

Cain Son Of The Fallen Angel Statue
Cain Son Of The Fallen Angel Statue

While some scholars or theologians believe Belial to be a synonym for Satan, using the word ‘Devil’ doesn’t necessarily directly point to Satan. However, Belial is one of the Kings of Hell, according to the Lesser Key of Solomon. Somehow, somewhere in history, Belial made its way into a ‘being’ from Hell or not.

Lucifer is a different Fallen Angel from Satan. Satan is not directly associated with the ‘Devil’ because, depending on the faith in use, the ‘Devil’ could be Lucifer. With that said, Belial becomes ‘his’ own being.

When Consistency Is Broken Belial Arise

Because the Bible, whether the ancient texts or the King James version, breaks its consistency, it becomes hard to maintain confidence in the story. If we follow the logic that a thought can take shape and form, then a being can bear the name Belial.

If Belial is visible among the 666 Fallen Angels when Hell opens its doors. Would it be far-fetched to believe it might be because Belial bore a different name, just like Satan did? I think this hypothesis to be more reasonable than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question, “Is Belial a Fallen Angel or one of Satan’s names?”

666 - Demon
666 – Demon

However, the contradiction of Belial as a synonym for worthlessness turning into someone visible among the Fallen Angels is not easily overlooked. After research on the matter, separating ancient history from fictional pop cultural entertainment, Belial is a mystery. There is no factual background to the character but an etymology to the word.

In demonology, Belial is a demon and one of the Kings of Hell. Often those, among other demons, represent something negative, and worthlessness is a characteristic and a complicated one. My theory is that Belial bore a different name when in Heaven and went through a rebirth in Hell.

It wouldn’t be the first time in demonology or in ancient historical texts that something as such would occur. Belial isn’t Satan and isn’t a synonym for Satan, either. Even in the word’s etymology, there is no link to him. Belial is a character in his own right; that is my conclusion on the matter.

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