Is Cain The First Evil Of Earth Or A Self-Made Demon?

Some of us know the story of Cain and Abel, while others know the character better from the Netflix series Lucifer. What is fascinating about Cain’s character is his ambiguity regarding evil and demons.

The Origin Of Cain

From the Book of Genesis, Cain came as a biblical figure from ancient religions and made its place within King James’ Bible. Cain is Adam and Eve’s firstborn and so Abel’s older brother. We know Adam and Eve to be the first two humans created. 

Cain was a farmer, and all his crops were offerings to the Lord. However, despite his dedication, the Lord wasn’t happy. To make matters worse, the Lord displayed his favouritism toward Abel. This display of affection angered Cain and made him quite jealous of his younger brother.

WARNING: Incest | Murder | Bible | Demons | Angels
Cain and Abel
Cain and Abel

Out of spite, Cain assassinated his brother. As a result, the divine punishment for his crime became what we know as the Curse and Mark of Cain. Among his children, we can find Enoch and Lamech, who are important characters within the Bible.

However, despite the story’s popularity, it has many plot holes. The identity of Cain’s wife remains a mystery. Details about why Cain showed so much jealousy toward Abel to the point of murder are also vague. We also have yet to learn why the Lord favoured Abel over Cain.

Some theologians argue it is more about traditionalism and about Cain representing the origin of all evil, violence, and greed. According to the Book of Genesis, Cain is the first actual human born on Earth and the very first murderer. 

Cain’s Image In His Story

Despite his representation of evil and murderous tendencies, Cain also shares a positive image. His depiction links to a city-builder and forefather of dwellings in tents. Lyre, and pipe players, along with bronze and iron smiths, are also representative of Cain. This points toward Norse and Pagan mythologies as well, like many faiths of the time, sharing similarities among stories.

Because Cain was the firstborn on Earth and beside Adam and Eve, there were only three of them, it is quite hard to see Cain as a city-builder. Following his father’s footsteps, Enoch supposedly built a city named after his son Irad. Some believe it is more of a philosophical title than an actual work Cain did. 

Pagan — Viking
Pagan — Viking

When moving forward to the New Testament, Cain is an example of viciousness and atrocity. In this version, we learn that Cain’s wife is one of his sisters. Later on, the backgrounds of Adam and Eve’s daughters became available. We remember that in those days, incest was common and socially accepted. 

Cain’s wife’s name was Awan, and she gave birth to his first son, Enoch. Cain builds a city and names it Enoch. He also creates a house and lives with his family until it collapses on him and kills him in the same year his father, Adam, dies. This took place nearly two hundred years after the creation of his father, Adam.

The Murder Of Abel

According to the ancient story, Cain slew his brother’s throat out of anger and jealousy. The story is not clear about it. We can assume he used a tool or wood on his brother. Slaying means his throat or head, one could guess. 

For the first time, humans have some personalities and traits. We learn that humans have mouths, which wasn’t mentioned before. One of the few active verbs in the text is ‘ground’ because “it opens its mouth to take the blood.” The ‘ground’ plays an essential role in the death of Abel.

This choice of words alone shows that there was a reaction to Abel’s death. Could the ‘ground’ be an accomplice to Abel’s murder? It could mean that the ground absorbed the liquid as it would in any other situation. However, the Bible is a long story of metaphors and lessons. In this instance, the ‘ground’ mirrors human actions.

The Motives Behind Abel’s Murder

The Book of Genesis does not indicate why Cain wanted to kill his younger brother. The assumption revolves around jealousy and anger because of favouritism. 

“Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother’s were righteous.”

— Book of John

So, don’t use crops for gifts but kill the firstborn of your livestock? It seems like one has more meaning than the other, and that is Cain. One used a renewable offering that nature gave Cain, and the other killed and spilled the blood of a firstborn calf. The irony is quite delightful.

Eye Horror
Eye Horror

According to the passage in the ancient story, Cain and Abel had twin sisters, each married to the other. But, despite being twins, Aclima—Abel’s wife, was more beautiful than Awan, Cain’s wife. However, there is some speculation that the ulterior motive was the desire to possess the most beautiful woman.

Adam’s advice to Cain was to reach out to the Lord through means of sacrifice. Long story short, whom the Lord blessed would marry Aclima. Because Cain suffered rejection, Abel remained the one to marry his sister, Aclima.

The Curse Of Cain

When reading the Book of Genesis, Cain is Eve’s firstborn, the third mortal to receive a curse, and the first Earthbound to have a curse. Here I thought love was the keyword when reading the Bible.

The little more details we get about Cain and Abel’s story is that Cain killed his brother but also lied about it to the Lord. As a result, he suffered a marking for the remainder of his life. The Earth would now provide Cain’s blood to drink, and he wouldn’t be able to farm again. 

Due to the curse, Cain’s damnation made him a fugitive with the Lord’s marking to let everyone else know not to act upon revenge. According to interpreters, the curse died when Cain’s offspring drowned during the deluge. It offered a clean streak for humans that didn’t last long.

This leaves the plot hole of Cain’s possible immortality. After all, he was only the firstborn of the first couple. Why would he need a mark when only his family was alive? He was a fugitive from whom? His family? I prefer to think he became immortal, and his story never died and found its way into every generation’s folklore as a warning.

The Awesomeness Of Cain

Cain is a character that transpired in time and, to this day, stimulates the imagination. One of the most fantastic hypotheses regarding Cain, and one I share, is that he was the son of a Fallen Angel. Cain could be Satan’s son. 

It is a tragedy if we read about how Eve was the reason for Adam’s first sin and how she received blame for everything. What if she took the apple so she could be with Satan? Adam wanted a companion and received Eve, but that doesn’t mean she reciprocated the feelings. Eve is the mother of all mothers and receives no recognition. Maybe Satan was her vacation estate. 

Cain Son Of The Fallen Angel Statue
Cain Son Of The Fallen Angel Statue

Because Cain was the firstborn on Earth and a murderer, his actions reflect ones inspired by the Devil or Satan. It would conform with the idea that women are cheaters and solidify the misogynistic pattern shared in the Bible. 

But I see it otherwise. I see Eve as an intelligent woman stuck in a situation she must accept because that is her purpose. Satan came along and didn’t offer Adam and Eve a cross, but a choice. Adam refused at first because he had no spine. He was a sheep.

On the other hand, Eve was adventurous and wanted more in her life and took the apple Satan showed. They fell on Earth on a new adventure. Why not follow the one who showed you that blindly obeying orders is a life wasted? He probably had a bigger one, too, if you know what I mean…

After all, Cain came out of it!

The Immortality Of The Firstborn Cain

The possibility that Cain became immortal because of his action against his brother—or maybe because he is a half-fallen angel—comes from Mormon folklore. An encounter between an early Mormon and a tall, hairy, dark-looking man in Tennessee took place, and the strange man said he was Cain from the Bible. 

Cain told the Mormon man that for aeons, he sought death, but never did the Lord grant his wish. Because death wouldn’t come to him, he would instead corrupt the souls of humankind. The story spread among the Mormon community and became part of their belief.

The strangest part of this story is the encounters people had with meeting a human named Cain. While some speak of their haunted house or poltergeist, others meet the very first human and murderer, Cain. This person would swear to be the one from the tale of Cain and Abel. 

The legend surrounding Cain’s immortality even made its way into the vampire world, which welcomed him as the first male vampire. This theory comes from later discoveries about Eve dreaming of Cain drinking the blood of his brother Abel. In an attempt to avoid her dream of becoming a reality, the brothers received different jobs, but Cain still murdered Abel.

My Views On The Hotness Of Cain

I am quite open about being self-destructive and attracted to men with a barbaric side. The bloodier the man is, the hotter he appears to me. I am a sucker—see what I did there as the OCD Vampire?—for raw, brutal force and going after what one wants. Murder is not something I encourage. I am against it. A fight would have been fine with me. 


It’s the mystery surrounding Cain that gets me. Is he Satan’s son? Is he half Fallen? Half demon? Or the possibility that he is immortal, walking the Earth seeking death but not allowed? I am of those who believe he is Satan and Eve’s son and the first human-demon hybrid, therefore, a vampire. I rarely give a firm opinion, but as a demonologist and vampirologist, I cannot reject this quite appealing possibility.

It also makes Cain a thousand times hotter! Next, I’ll review Lucifer‘s portrayal of Cain.

The OCD Vampire

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