Fall Back Means Vampires Are Coming Out Of The Coffin

Daylight saving time might go back to the first world war when electricity and power weren’t abundant but still something we practise in many countries to this day. But it means something entirely different for people like me.

This Is Not A History Class

When it’s time to ‘Fall Back,’ I get quite excited. It’s not because of the one more hour of sleep illusion, but because there will be less daylight. Society targets people like me when most agree that the sun is the main power for humankind as we function better and see better, including Vitamin D and E.

For as long as time, humankind progressed in daylight. It’s a general consensus that society made it ‘normal’ for people to work during the day and sleep at night. Not aware of places where daylight is less abundant all year round and is home to many people. Of course, those places are situated toward the poles but exist and are welcoming.

Québec - Ice Hotel
Québec – Ice Hotel

In countries like mine, Canada, we aren’t strangers to long winters and the cold it brings. Some hate it, while others love it. It’s quite divided. On the Eastern Coast, there is a province named Québec, my home. It is an international touristic place for winter outdoor activities. We are an all-year-round outdoor touristic place for all sports imaginable, but winter is the big selling ticket.

We are home to the famous Ice Hotel, Winter Carnival, and ski resorts. People around the world visit my home to witness our winters and enjoy the many outdoor activities that many don’t even know exist!

It is only possible with darker months, as the snow would subsist as long as it does.

Reality Of An Artistic Director And Creative Mind

Putting aside society describing ‘day’ as regular working hours, I point out many careers that we depend on that operate at night. We aren’t thankful enough to those who work schedules all over the place or ‘upside down’ from the rest of society.

That includes my field, the art and entertainment industry. Yes, most careers in those fields are accessible during the day and can become a day-person job. 

However, my specialisation in the gothic field, which includes vampirology, demonology, cryptozoology, and parapsychology, doesn’t require daylight.

As the Artistic Director and Creator of Gothic Bite Magazine, I must ensure the gothic quality we receive in various fields that we cover. It is also my job to ensure that what you see is exactly what you find in any other magazine of the same genre.

The writers at Gothic Bite Magazine work very hard to bring you, our faithful and loyal readers, the best they can provide. I must wait with anticipation for their articles, and often that means until night to prepare them, polish them up with photography and links, and schedule them. One article per day, but we also receive emails from people who want to appear on our webzine or advertise with us online. I must answer in a reasonable time.

All those things take time and require me to be available for later hours.

Fall Back! Vampires Are Coming Out

Because I write gothic novels inspired by ancient history, mostly Vikings and the Dark Ages, people aren’t surprised about my nocturnal life. Well, it somewhat stereotypes a group of people with many variations.

Recently, I did an article about porphyria and explained my condition concerning sunlight. I also mentioned my photophobia, which means my eyes are extra sensitive to ultraviolet rays and light.


What I didn’t mention was that my porphyria and photophobia caused me to have insomnia. It is at least one factor for it. My sleep is overly light, and I can be woken up by one tiny sound or light that could turn on at the end of the hallway while having the door to the bedroom closed.

Because photophobia can’t always be prevented with anti-UV light sunglasses, I sometimes get brutal migraines. The lack of sleep, migraines and light are a lot to fight for one person. For that reason, I have a ‘vampire room,’ we painted my office all black, ceiling included. I have blackout curtains and a single bed for the moments I finally feel tiredness creeping in.

Like A Bat Out Of Hell, I’ll Be Gone When The Morning Comes

Those health issues and what I must do for my writing and Gothic Bite Magazine have me work from around nine o’clock in the evening until around noon the following day. I wake up at around four o’clock and can spend some time with my husband and my precious husky, Ragnar. I mean, he’s always with me, but even more by being up earlier and taking him on his walk.

However, it can be problematic in the summer as dusk rises later, and sunlight persists until nine o’clock in the evening. It mixes up my internal ‘clock’ and is often painful because of my photophobia and porphyria that tend to flare up. Also, dawn rises early. Those factors made me change my routine and buy blackout curtains for the entire house.


It’s easy to assume that when the sun is out, I’m hiding from it. I do not feel excluded or sad about it. Some would think, “Oh, poor her. It’s her health that causes her to remain in the dark.” No, don’t feel bad for me. 

My nocturnal life is a gift. I’m a lone nocturnal creature. I enjoy the silence, the lack of distraction caused by noises from vehicles and people, the stress of daily life, and working from home. My life in the night is still exciting, just different from ‘day people.’ I am grateful to be a full-time Artistic Director, Freelance Artist, and Author.

You Are A Vampire, And I Am The Walking Dead

Yes, I am a nerdy goth, and I am proud to say it. I am surrounded by ancient history books, vampire folklore and demonology books, and Vlad the Impaler’s various biographies and fictional history of his life. I also have my precious Assassin’s Creed novelization and The Saxon Stories series. They are my inspiration and help me create more stories and content.

My ‘vampire office’ is my little haven where the fandoms I love the most are all around me. No light comes in, and I can be free. Often, I said I relate to vampires more than I do humans. I’m different, and I know it. Unheard stories and forgotten history are what I look for. I always did. I want to bring historical people that almost disappeared and make them eternal. It’s my vampire way.

Horror - Silhouette
Horror – Silhouette

My introversion and scopophobia have me naturally staying away from people. I enjoy remaining in the shadows. I am more of a ‘one on one’ type if I must speak to people. It’s hard to schedule something at night unless the people in question are in Australia. So, for that reason, I can avoid human interactions.

Again, it’s not something to feel bad about. I have a full life of my own. I’m an author and artist. Those are lonesome careers, and that’s why they aren’t for everyone. Despite my hours, I don’t see my husband, yet I live in the same house. We live separate lives but have dinners together. It’s all okay because my art and Ragnar are the two most precious things to my heart.

So, again, do you believe me when I say I’m a vampire?

The OCD Vampire

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