©Mikayla Pusatier

Gothic Bite Magazine Featuring Artist Of Many Faces Mikayla Pusatier

Gothic Bite Magazine is a platform for the indie community to promote their work and art. We want to share your horror, gothic, gloomy, macabre, and grotesque side to the world. This week, Mikayla Pusatier shares with us her photography and story.

About Mikayla Pusatier

My name is Mikayla Pusatier. I am a licensed cosmetologist and a makeup artist who can do special effects, photography, and photo editing. Modelling plus-size is also another job of mine. I also have a degree in business. I am an entrepreneurial-driven artist.

With the dark arts, I am an intuitive tarot card reader and a psychic medium beginner. I’m a small business owner among my other accolades. Gothic Bite Magazine is a website I found while searching for different ways to market and advertise my platform.

©Mikayla Pusatier
©Mikayla Pusatier

The Beauty Horror Art In All Of Its Form

I am a widespread artist in many fields. One of my favourites is horror modelling. I work with many talented women and have been modelling since 2015.

©Mikayla Pusatier
©Mikayla Pusatier

There is always a common theme where everybody has insecurity about themselves. Despite falling in love with modelling and acting, two fields that require being in front of the camera, I would only do so according to people’s thoughts about ‘my weight.’ It was as if I needed approval or permission.

©Mikayla Pusatier
©Mikayla Pusatier

When You Dance With Your Enemy

With my many businesses as an adult, the prominent denominator is the harshness women have with their physical appearance. I should know because my sparkling personality relies on being the ‘fat funny friend.’

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people, compiling all the services I offer. I make sure to create the most beautiful work of art regarding images and makeup so that the result is unique. That is so that my clients feel confident and that it matches what they feel inside while getting them ready.

©Mikayla Pusatier
©Mikayla Pusatier

I was about twelve years old when I started with horror themes. I would cover myself in blood and try making special effects on makeup, which was my favourite party trick.

The 1980s Horror Will Never Die

The 1980s trashy cult horror inspires my work. There is so much happiness and inspiration to take from darkness and gloom. When I think about horror, paganism, religion, satanism, and cemeteries are a few subjects that inspire me.

©Mikayla Pusatier
©Mikayla Pusatier

Life imitates art, and art is imagination itself, and without imagination, there is no horror.

Mikayla Pusatier

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