Gothic Queen Classic Remake Review

It is not the first time that our pop culture expert, James or our favourite Skeleton Hiding In Our Closet do reviews about classic remakes, so, without further due, here’s a new one!

It’s Good To Be Back!

Alright, Biters,

I have something a little different for you. Both friends, family and even coworkers have encouraged me to share about my autism. With that, I have not one but four YouTube cover artists for the price of one.

Biters meet Violet Orlandi, Addie Nicole of Halocene, Audra Miller of First to Eleven, and the GBM return of Lauren Babic. These four ladies are frequent collaborators. So, it’s kind of hard to talk about one without bringing up the others.

Mama…I Don’t People Well

Today, we will look at their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. So how does my autism, four rocking Ladies, and Queen fit together? Let’s dive in and find out.

I don’t know if this is legit, something Freddie said or was written specifically for the 2018 biopic, but I find this fits perfectly for me as an autistic person or anyone in the goth culture.

“I’ll tell you what it is, Mr. Reid. Now we’re four misfits who don’t belong together. We’re playing for the other misfits. They’re the outcasts, right at the back of the room.”

Freddie Mercury

Does that not sound like some of us in the goth community? I don’t know whether it’s my autism, my status as a surface-level goth, or somewhere in the middle, but “yeah… I don’t… people… well,” as I like to say.

I may be friendly and cordial; however, I struggle significantly with socially interacting, often making me the guy at the back of the room. As Freddie said, Queen totally gets it.

A Classic To Remember

We can circle back to my social insecurities later. Let’s talk about our four leading ladies and their video. As of now, they have covered Somebody To Love, We Will Rock You, Under Pressure, and of course, our key feature of the day, Bohemian Rhapsody.


There is plenty to love about this cover video too. The ladies give us some retro old-school throwbacks by having it start like a VHS tape, complete with glitches and static throughout the cover.

There are also all the homage’s to the original, like the iconic heads in the black void, the kaleidoscope shots and this neat rainbow ghosting effect.

The visuals are on point, but what about the singing? It is a music video, after all. Addie, Lauren, Audra, and Violet come to the number each with some beautiful altos sticking to the spirit of the song and giving us a great one-to-one. That is until Lauren comes in for what I call the Wayne’s World portion.

Once Upon A Time My Autism

Biters, if you remember a few articles back, I had mixed feelings about Lauren’s contribution to a cover of going far, kid. The Wayne’s World section is not only a winning redo for the thoughts I had after first being introduced to Ms. Babic but where we circle back to my autism.

In this part of the song, Addie lays down some clean tracks of the “for me, for me, for me!” line tackling Roger Taylor‘s high notes while Lauren aggressively shouts it before full-on snapping, letting out a scream that shakes the camera. It was that camera-shaking scream I connected with.

Lauren Babic

Years ago, I had a major autistic meltdown at my old job. Biters, if you’ll allow me to set the stage…

I was opening the snack by myself. We had a group of twenty hot wheels collectors rent out our side room. Two small bowling leagues were taking up about five pairs of lanes and any general public bowlers who felt like bowling.


As I was left to ring, cook, and run food on my own, as the manager at the time was more the type to hide in the office and just watch cameras, I drowned in orders.

Trying my best to hold out till my backup arrived, which never happened. The coworker either called out or just never showed up. My stress, anxiety, and panic kept building as I couldn’t rely on my usual defence mechanism of being a smartass. The flight was out being metaphorically chained to the grill.

Throw My Hands Up And Scream

The long and short of this tale ends with me physically and emotionally shutting down. I fled to the safety of the farthest point. I remained away from the customers in the back of the snack bar.


I had let out that “Lauren Babic-ish” scream before my back slid down the wall. My glasses flung to the opposite end of the room while burying my face in my knees, rubbing the back of my neck, and taking deep breaths, trying to calm myself down.

Returning to that moment in the Queen cover, can you see Biters that Addie’s track acting as the polite, smiling customer service voice that they forced me to put on?

I Felt The Connection

As mentioned, when first I talked about Ms. Babic, her growls took me right out of the cover, saying she sounded like a kid putting on a monster voice. Still, this, this was a total hundred-and-eighty degree, maybe because these were screams instead of growls.


I totally buy her as Queen’s poor boy that nobody loved. At the same time, Lauren was the inner thoughts and dialogue silently screaming for help from someone. Anyone before just outright breaking.

When it comes to Queen’s discography I’ve always enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody but only really for its pop culture status with Fat bottom Girls, and Another One Bites The Dust being my actual Queen favorites.

The Age Of Representation

However as we seem to be in the age of representation even if I don’t need to see myself in something to enjoy it. I’d be lying Biters if this cover didn’t strike a new chord with me making more then just that song Mike Myers was head banging down the street to in the 90s.

Adria, Addie, Lauren, and Violet have some great solo work among them as well, which I plan to tackle in future articles. So, keep an eye out Biters for these ladies to return.

Here’s to my fellow people at the back of the room I’ll see you in the next article, James Vaughan

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