Black Twilight By Lefki Symphonia Reviewed

Gothic Bite Magazine loves to give a platform to every type of artist, and that includes musicians. Our reviewers cannot wait to hear what the Gothic world has to sing about, and Mary listened well!

Reaching Out To GBM

Lefki Symphonia reached out to Gothic Bite Magazine, and in doing so here is the review and if you are an artist who wish to be on our website, proceed by sending us an email. Back to the review!

Lefki Symphonia is not a band I had heard of before. That excited me a bit. I love finding new to me bands and music. 

Right away, the title of the song had me intrigued. Black Twilight is a dark name with a touch of beauty. And that is precisely how I would describe this song.


The music video starts with a very soothing melody with a rock edge. We see a woman in a bathtub, and soon we see it’s a tub full of blood. Very dark, indeed. The video cuts to the band in dim neon lighting. The dark new wave feels kicks in, and I loved it. Then the voice started, and I was hooked instantly. They had my attention. 

The rest of the video goes into images of a few different women with bloody eyes and spiked studded outfits. Still, the main focus is on the women we are initially introduced to in the bloody bathtub. She rubs the bloody water over her body, which has a very eerie feel. 

This leaves you wondering who this woman is and who are the women we are seeing briefly. It has a mysterious feeling that I love. The music atmosphere added to this dark but warm feel. I pictured a fantastic dark fantasy horror tale.

Words With A Story To Tell

The lyrics to this song are beautiful. It has the feel of tortured romance. My favorite line is Our souls crying and longing for the black twilight. If this music isn’t your style, at least listen to the words. 

The lyrics are captivating and beautiful. As a writer, I couldn’t help but be floored by how they were elegantly mixed together. With the music added in, this formed into a beautiful song that I felt in my soul.

A Bloodline Of History

This made me want to know more about this band. Lefki Symphonia is a Greek band that formed in the 1980s. They actually were the first Greek band to appear on MTV

In the early 1990s, they moved to Berlin and did German shows. But Greece called them home in 1993. Lefki Symphonia have played many shows and some festivals in Greece and German. As a lover of German music, I understand why they have such a feeling that I am hooked on. 

The fact that this band has been around since the 1980s and kept their music alive just filled me with joy. Music fans have grown accustomed to their favorite bands calling it quits. But not this band. They are still going. And still spreading their addictive music to fans all around.

Some Musicians Need More Exposure

I am disappointed that I haven’t heard of them before. But I am so glad they are now on my radar. I will be spreading their music and deep diving into more. Give Black Twilight a listen, and if you like dark-themed videos, give their video a watch. 

Lefki Symphonia

I guarantee you’ll be hooked like me. Especially if you love post-punk/dark wave. And if it’s not your usual style, give it a listen. I am sure you’ll feel the beauty in it. 

Mary Dean

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