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The Unknown Killer That Inspired Ghostface

Most of the iconic slasher killers of the horror movie genre are based on people that existed or still do. Often, the reality is more morbid than a slasher flick. Here’s one of their stories!

The Beginning Of An Iconic Face

Everyone knows the famous 90s Scream movie franchise, its iconic serial killer, and its name, Ghostface. People could know him from his original franchise with “Do you like scary movies?” or the horror movie parody franchise, Scary Movie.

People might not realize, and I didn’t know until recently, that the original Ghostface killer in the Scream franchise was inspired by a real-life serial killer named Danny Rolling.

The Original Ghosting

In 1989, Danny Rolling became a murderer after going on a killing spree. He slaughtered eight people, including five college students. His last kill happened in Gainesville, but he also committed murder in Shreveport crossing state lines. In Gainesville, the press called him “The Gainesville Ripper.”

Danny Rolling — Serial Killer
Danny Rolling — Serial Killer

During news reports of the killings, a budding screenwriter named Kevin Williamson was housesitting, and he had flicked on the TV to see a special on the murders.

The killer’s report inspired him to create a screenplay later picked up by Wes Craven to become the famous Scream franchise, alive to this day with a new movie coming up.

People Go Crazy And Become Slashers

Like most people who go under trauma and become sociopathic or psychopathic, Danny Rolling grew up in an abusive household. Many serial killers share the same background. Sadly, we often learn about it when it’s too late.

Repetitive abuse, physical or mental, can brainwash someone into becoming an abuser, an abused, or developing mental disorders. It does not excuse the outcome but explains how brain chemistry works.


Danny Rolling’s first killing followed his laid-off in November of 1989. It was in that craze that Rolling broke into a house in Shreveport, Louisiana, killing three people, including an eight-year-old child.

With nothing more to lose, Danny admitted to the police officers that the 1989 Louisiana murder was his doing in 2006. The case was closed since no one ever found the killer until Danny Rolling told them it was him.

The Danny Rolling Saga Continues

In 1990, Danny moved to Gainesville, Florida. He tortured and murdered five college students. Rolling mutilated his victims and would pose the bodies as a display.

The crime scenes turned into grisly viewing, and it gave Danny Rolling the name of “The Gainseville Ripper.” Rolling was a cunning man and tricky to track.

Danny Rolling — Serial Killer — Gainseville Florida — UF 34th Street Memorial
Danny Rolling — Serial Killer — Gainseville Florida — UF 34th Street Memorial

In September 1990, a supermarket robbery caught the attention of the police officers and put Danny Rolling under their radar.

Time To Catch The Villain

With retrieved DNA, the police officers and forensics connected the college student murders to Danny Rolling. His blood left at the crime scene sealed the case against Rolling. The blood type B- had an ” unknown ” classification until that night.

At first, leading to the trial, it looked as if Danny Rolling would plead insanity. This was due to his proclamation that a demon named “Gemini” possessed his body.


As the day of the trial got closer, Danny changed his tune and pleaded guilty to all accounts. His reason was going down in history with fame like Ted Bundy.

He somewhat got his wish granted hidden in the iconic Ghostface. But not many people know the inspiration for the Scream franchise killer.

In October 2006, Danny Rolling was executed by lethal injection, bringing an end to a killer’s life.

Paula Phillips

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WARNING: 18+ | Gore | Algophobia | Anxiety | Paranoia | Discomfort | Incarceraphobia.

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