The Audiobook Review Of The Scarry Inn

The Scarry Inn by Shirley McCann and narrated by Joey Eugene is this week’s audiobook review by our very own, Mary Dean! Come by and see what she thinks of it!

The Official Amazon Audiobook Summary

Convinced they are the victims of a sick, practical joke, Heidi and her three friends are resigned to spending the night at The Scarry Inn, even though the atmosphere is anything but welcoming. Surely the owners, Dick and Thelma Scarry, are simply trying to drum up business for their new motel by terrifying the guests. 

Shirley McCann
Shirley McCann

But when Kara is found brutally murdered, they realize the danger is real, and they must find their way to safety before the secrets of the inn claim another victim. Making things even more difficult is the lack of cellphone service in the small town of Frighton, Arizona. With no clue who they can trust, the remaining threesome are now caught up in a fight for their lives.

©2016 Shirley McCann (P)2018 Shirley McCann

The Mary Dean Summary

It’s a cold night. Heidi and her friends are on a trip to spend Christmas with her father, whom she has been estranged from since his divorce from her mother.

As in most horror stories that have a road trip, the car has issues. Heidi and her friends think they are saved when a kind couple picks them up. Little do they know their bad luck just begins.

A Couple Of Sweethearts

Now don’t go thinking this lovely older couple has sinister motives for helping these young adults. They actually have good hearts. It’s a fact of not being aware of the tragedy that has fallen and will continue to fall upon their family. 

They think they are dropping off the stranded youngsters at a soon-to-be open family-owned inn. But really, they are delivering them to experience the worst night of their lives.

Christmas Winter Mansion

The Scarry Inn is supposed to make you react the way you would when you read the title. It doesn’t help that the structure has vibes from the movie Psycho. The title is a gimmick to draw in travelers.

The only issue is when Heidi and her friends arrive, it’s not supposed to be open. But they are able to get a room from a woman whom they believe to be the owner. But there is something off about her.

You Can Never Stop

Little by little their night gets worse. I am not going to spoil the meat of this story. Just know you won’t see what’s coming next and you will be on the edge of your seat wondering what’s coming up next around the corner.

Then you start to learn more about the characters. It’s a story of Heidi and her friends and their survival. It’s also a story about Inn owners who were unfortunate to have their inn in the location it’s in. It’s about a brother fighting for his family.

It’s a couple who don’t care who gets in their way. It’s a story of a father fighting to find his daughter. And it’s a horror story that shows the true reason for the season, love.

Yes, I know that sounds weird in a survival horror story. I bet you are wondering what love has to do with horror. But love is the main motivator for living. If it wasn’t for love, there wouldn’t be heroes fighting the villains.

Anything For Love

If there wasn’t love, there wouldn’t be brave moments. And if it weren’t for the love and the holiday season, these strangers wouldn’t have interacted. For some it would have been good, for others I am sure they could have done without it.


If you enjoy stories that put you in the place of the characters, this is a must-read or listen. I listened to the audiobook and this narrator did a great job. I was enthralled from the start. I cared about each character.

And I forgot that it was one narrator. I felt like I was in Heidi’s group trying to figure out the truth and survive. I felt like I was gaining courage because my loved ones needed me to. I felt nervous and scared because I wasn’t sure what I was in store for next.

So, tell me, do you think you would survive Christmas Eve night at The Scarry Inn?

Mary Dean

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