Mercy Christmas To All And A Review

Gothic Bite Magazine has many types of reviews and one of them is movie reviews, all year-round holidays too. Our Christmas Specialist is on the case for spooky holiday treats! Here is one of them!

Original Summary

Mercy Christmas is not any holiday movie!

When Michael Briskett meets the perfect woman, his ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family’s holiday celebration. Dreams shattered, Michael struggles to survive once he realizes HE will be Christmas dinner. — IMDb

It’s Christmas Work Overload

Imagine this, you are a workaholic. You have a demanding boss who expects a lot from you. You work very hard, but it doesn’t seem enough. But you want your boss’s approval. It’s what you seem to live for. 

It’s almost Christmas, and he tells you that he needs a big project done by Christmas. You think that maybe you’ll impress him enough to help your career each time. 

The next night you throw a holiday party at your place, inviting the whole office. No one shows up. Except for the boss’ new assistant who you have formed a crush on. You attempt to say no, but you take the assignment in the end. 

It’s A Christmas Miracle…Sort Of…Not

You both drink and have a great night talking and joking. You open up about your families. Your mom is on a cruise for the holidays. This will be her first holiday without her mom, who has passed on.

Mercy Christmas
Mercy Christmas

She ends up inviting you to join her family for Christmas. You accept and are very excited. You think you’ll finally have the Christmas you’ve always wanted, one with a family. It’s going to be the best Christmas ever, you believe.

But you are so wrong. Christmas ends up being the worst nightmare of your life. 

Christmas Psycho Is More Like It

This is what happened to Michael Brisket in Mercy Christmas. He shows up to what he thinks is the dream Christmas celebration. He meets her family, who seems very loving and accepting. 

Then as he is giving a toast, someone he recognizes walks in. He doesn’t have to register because it turns out this father, who looks like the Norman Rockwell depiction, has drugged his eggnog. 

Blood Knife
Blood Knife

He wakes up on a cold floor, tied up by holiday lights (I loved that touch). He isn’t alone. Two other people are just as, if not more, confused. Michaels learns why he was invited to Christmas dinner. It wasn’t to eat. It was to be the dinner itself. 

Michael Brisket is an easy target. He has no close friends. No close family. The only people in his life that we know about are his boss, his coworkers who don’t really pay attention to him, and his mom, who seems to be his world, except when she goes on a cruise. 

List Of Nice Or Too Nice

He’s a pushover. He gives off the essence of low self-esteem. And his heart is too kind. People take advantage of it. And that’s what gets him in a dangerous mess.

Now let’s talk about the family that he’s supposed to be the guest of honor. They seem like a picture-perfect family. The kind of families that you see in every wholesome holiday movie. But they are far from it. They kill without remorse. 

Mercy Christmas
Mercy Christmas

They are selfish. 

They only care about their family and not about the families they rip apart by killing innocent people because they like how the meat tastes. They also don’t kill humanely. They keep the patient alive and don’t really think about if they suffer. 

They are family breeding sociopaths. And a great example that you never honestly know your neighbors. And looks can be so deceiving.

Beyond Expectations For A Christmas Slasher

This was an entertaining horror movie. It had its gory moments, so you’ll love it if you are a slasher fan. It had off-the-wall humor that would satisfy those with a darker side. And it had heart. 

And not just as a side dish. Michael Brisket is the underdog that watchers root for. The things that seemed to make him weak made him strong enough to fight. And talk about epic redemption! I loved it and found myself cheering him on.

It does have a dash of Christmas spirit. It’s the perfect amount of holiday spirit for horror fans. You will find yourself getting lost in the family’s connections and traditions. I had to remind myself that they were soulless killers that ate people.

A must-watch for survival, slasher, and horror comedy fans. I was able to stream it on Prime Video.

Five out of five stars!
Mary Dean

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