A Duo Covers Like No Other

Gothic Bite Magazine reviews many different subjects and one of them is left to our pop culture specialist, James Vaughan. He loves his indie bands and his favourites are those who do covers of hits in a more rock and metal way!

It’s Been A While

A while back, in my Wolf Totem article, I did a mini review on somebody I’ve been wanting to talk about for ages Pamela Romvel and David Galardi, better known as The Covers Duo.

So, Biters, let’s move these two from the Gothic Bite Magazine opening act to the GBM headliners and take a closer look at The Covers Duo.

What Is A Goth Thing?

Like most people I reviewed for my articles, I wanted to talk about these two for a good while. However, the key problem was they made their name with anime theme song covers; while there are gothic anime out, I wouldn’t call anime itself a goth thing. 

The Covers Duo
The Covers Duo

As luck would have it, Pamela and David would cover some Halloween staples and some classic rock down the line giving me just what I needed to turn the GBM spotlight their way.

Hailing from Ecuador, Pamela and David have been covering songs since 2012. The duo has racked up 639k in subs and over 90 million in views which I’m sure quite a few are just me rewatching since I like to listen to them while at work. 

The Fame From Social Media

Aside from covers, it seems they have some vlogs as well… I think it’s all in Spanish, so I have no clue what they are about, but that doesn’t matter because we are here for the music.

Alright, Biters, let’s start with Pamela. She was my main draw to the YouTube Chanel, and as I stated in the Wolf Totem review, she has this crystalline princess type voice; which brings this bright, fun energy to just about everything she sings, as well as this extra level of charm when her accent shows through in some lyrics every now and then. 

Some of their less gothic covers, like those from old tv sitcoms or the song I first discovered the duo through Bobby Mcferrin‘s Don’t Worry Be Happy, I can’t help but feel she’s singing to me and me alone. We Biters are not here for that. 

However, we have come for the hard rock and the Gothic, and Pamela delivers that, putting on heavy makeup to look like Raven for a Teen Titans cover or Jack and Sally for her two The Nightmare Before Christmas renditions. Maybe you want something more traditional. 

But What About The Hardcore Metal Fans?

How about getting decked out in all black, rocking a leather jacket and teasing her hair for Metallica, Papa Roach or Green Day. All personal favorite selections I recommend.

The Covers Duo
The Covers Duo

Ok, ok, enough of my gushing on Ms. Romvel. I think it’s David’s turn. I’ll admit I found it difficult at first to praise him the way I did her. At the end of the day, it’s not much of a duo without him. 

After all, whether it’s a ‘no talent’ like me, a ‘skilled practitioner’ like him or a ‘rock and roll hall of fame musician,’ a B flat on a guitar will always be a B flat no matter who’s holding it. 

If You Don’t Stand Out You’re Part Of The Crowd

I’ve seen The Beatles come together covered by Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Bobby Mcferrin with Robbie Williams, and Godsmack. I couldn’t really visualize David when not looking at the screen. Then I thought about the fact he didn’t stand out, in my opinion. 

The Covers Duo
The Covers Duo

Despite playing the same notes, each of them can not be mixed up, and I knew, without a doubt, they were doing the Godsmack rendition, and it wasn’t just because they were sporting Justice League clothes. It takes some skill to replicate someone else’s style, so I shall tip my hat where it is due.

There Is A Bite For Everyone

While their entire discography may not be the most gothic, this duo has a little something for everyone. Some of my personal recommendations are Enter Sandman, ThunderCats theme or Rocking Around The Christmas Tree covers if you’re feeling festive for Dave. 

The Covers Duo
The Covers Duo

For Pamela, any of them would be great, but I think the Teen Titans theme shows all the things I enjoy from her performances, so I say swing by and check ’em out. No matter your tastes, I’m sure this duo has got you covered.

Later Biters,

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