The Haunting Of The Marshall House Hotel Of Savannah Georgia

We have a passion here at Gothic Bite Magazine for haunted places with lots of history attached to them. Visiting places where possible entities still reside in their homes, last places, or new ones, intrigue us. This week, we’re visiting the State of Georgia.

History’s Medical Horror

Savannah, Georgia, is one of the most haunted cities in Georgia. This is not strange due to the number of horrific deaths that have taken place in this city. Being so haunted means that there is a prolific number of places that those who are looking for a fright should visit.

One such place is the Marshall House Hotel. From Spanish flu to the civil war within its borders, it had it all. The people who run the Marshall House Hotel are very aware of the house’s haunted history and deal with everything from objects moving to lights flickering on and off at all hours.

Marshall House Hotel in Savannah Georgia USA
Marshall House Hotel in Savannah Georgia USA

One Room To Rule Them All

This hotel features a haunted room 406, where the rattle of the doorknob at all hours and loud noises wake you from a sound sleep in the middle of the night. These rooms have “creeped out” many who have dared to stay the night.

Some ghostly children make this hotel their home. Reports of crying children have been reported at this famous hotel. Sometimes children can be seen skipping happily down the hallways, scaring many. People have reported hearing children playing in the hallways at night. But when they dared to look out into the hallways, they were empty.

Marshall House Hotel in Savannah Georgia USA
Marshall House Hotel in Savannah Georgia USA

A couple staying at the hotel is reported to have a paranormal encounter in their room late at night. They were relaxing in their room when they heard a loud noise in the hallway, then sounds of families out in the hallway. Being twelve in the morning, this was strange, so once they got up out of bed to check it out, they saw nothing in the hallway.

The Ghostly Encounters Adventures

Another mother also had an encounter with her child one evening. The child got bit by a ghost. The mother, of course, went and checked on the child, but once she saw a bite mark on her child, she took him and left the hotel.

Marshall House Hotel in Savannah Georgia USA
Marshall House Hotel in Savannah Georgia USA

This was not the first time someone reported getting bit at the hotel. There have been other instances of people getting scratched and bitten in this hotel. It seems that not all the ghosts in this hotel are friendly.

When History Repeats Itself In A Loop

This hotel also has a civil war history. Bones were unearthed in the hotel after renovations uncovered them. Although the remains were reportedly put to rest properly. The hotel still has many sightings of solder ghosts and surgeons that seem to be from the past.

One such ghost is an amputee who has been sited roaming the halls aimlessly, seemingly searching for something. Many have even felt someone holding their wrists like old nurses used to check for a pulse.

Some rooms even have had some foul odor, much like rotting flesh. Guests have even sighted old-timey doctors in the hallways. These rooms are those that went through the renovation.

Haunting Grounds Of The Savannah

It goes without saying that those looking to have a paranormal encounter have a lot to look forward to after staying the night at the Marshall House Hotel.

The stories and history of this house make it a place that many are interested in visiting once in Savannah, Georgia.

Temple Alicia Thompson-Patterson

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