How To Survive An Iconic Slasher Killer Like Ghostface

Gothic Bite Magazine is officially relaunched this week! To kickstart our new beginning, we decided to do a week on how to survive an iconic slasher killer.

Remember The Beginning No One Forgot?

Imagine it. Home alone. Popcorn popping. You are getting ready to watch your favorite horror movie. Then the phone rings. It will most likely be your cell phone because, let’s face it, who really uses a landline anymore? It’s a number you don’t recognize. 

Now, most of us would ignore it. We have become a society of texting and not answering nonrecognizable numbers. But what if they keep calling? You block the number. 

Different numbers start calling you. They ask you about your favorite scary movie. You finally answer. It’s a friendly voice. But it’s a voice you don’t know. 

Now pause. This should be a red flag. You are officially the target of Ghostface. This would be the time to check all the windows and doors and if you have a security system. Have you learned nothing from the Scream franchise? 

Hopefully, it’s not too late. Ghostface doesn’t just hang out and call before they have a plan in my research. And I did say they because Ghostface could be any one or more people. 

Okay, back to the scenario. You get in a friendly chat about horror movies. You think this is just a friendly stranger. A wrong number. But you are up for a casual conversation. 

Then things get darker. This stranger knows your name. They know you are home alone. And they know more personal things about you. Suddenly this friendly stranger is a threat. And you are officially a target of Ghostface. 

Now, what would you do?

It all depends on the layout of your home. If you have an upstairs. Don’t run upstairs. That is just trapping yourself and the only way to escape, if you can, is out a window, and that’s just putting a bullseye on your back for Ghostface to injure or kill you easier. 

Remain calm and logical. Don’t start yelling or screaming. That’s what they want. They want the reaction. They want you to be scared. Your fear fuels them… 

No one said you can’t be freaking out inside, but your exterior needs to be calm and collected. That will also help your chances of making a better decision. 

Running out front could be a good or a wrong move. It’s a bad move if Ghostface is waiting in shadows out front or somewhere easily assessable to the show. 

Rationality Over Stupidity

It’s a wrong move if your neighbors aren’t near. It’s a good move if your neighbors are close and would be up to hear your cry for help in the street or if you bang on their door. But this is a very risky move. Ghostface most likely has already trapped you in your home. 

Grab a weapon. Something that you will actually use. I don’t know how many times I am screaming at my screen during a movie… 


Mary Dean

Kitchen knives are usually an easy grab. But anything can be a weapon if used correctly. You better use it. 

The trivia is always tricky, so be calm before you answer. You are most likely still on the phone with Ghostface answering their questions during all this. And most likely, they are setting you up to lose. And don’t expect them to play fair.

Do not text a friend during this. A parent is safer. Check your town’s law enforcement website. There may be a text or messaging option for help. But again, do not alert a friend. It’s always someone close to you betraying you. 

There is no way Ghostface is going to let you win the trivia. They came to kill. Once you’ve hung up the phone and survival mode is officially on. Hide anywhere you can lock, but not make yourself a target. 

Think About Horror Movie Cliches

Ghostface is a tricky one. As soon as you get close enough, you need to injure Ghostface so you can escape. If you are being chased by Ghostface, remember there is usually a partner dressed the same. 

Now your escaping is on how you’ve handled the situation so far. Just run for your life and never give up. Even if you get stabbed, keep fighting. 

Say you survive, it’s not over. Now you have to figure out who betrayed you and why. It’s usually someone close that has some connection with the original Ghostface and their victims, whether it’s family or someone obsessed with the franchise.

If you are related to any originals, you should already be on alert. 

Good luck out there. And remember, even if you live in a safe town, keep those doors and windows locked, and keep an eye on those you trust. 

Mary Dean

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