30 Miles From Nowhere

Have You Watched 30 Miles From Nowhere Yet?

There are many slasher movies out there or home invasion movies. But have you ever stopped and wondered, what if there could be a new twist on an old recipe? Here’s my review!

The Official Summary!

When five college friends return home for their estranged friend’s funeral, what begins as an uneasy reunion becomes a terrifying fight for survival. — 30 Miles From Nowhere

What Are 30 Miles From Nowhere About?

The movie revolves around the reunion of five college friends two decades after their graduation to attend the funeral of their friend, Max. In Wisconsin, the group of friends reside for a few days in their long-time memory cabin in the woods on Max’s property.

The most disturbing factor of that morbid reunion is not the dead rat found in the kitchen at their arrival or the human noises outside in the evening, but Max’s wife, Sylvia.

Her behavior is overwhelming with chatting, comments about their college years she wasn’t part of and details on Max’s death. But the strangest of all is about the weather that seems unforgiving.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

The time spent in the wood house goes by the most the friends reveal about themselves, and cabin fever surfaces. Strange things happen between their drunken nights and strong opinions about one another. Power outage, sightings of a man, storm, axes, cockroaches, suicide video, firearms, and abduction await the friends.

Nothing is off limit, even their most profound fears of being trapped in their youth’s cabin.

My Overall Thoughts

30 Miles From Nowhere sets in quickly. The widow drove her truck when a dog barks and a gunshot occurred. It then jumps to the two first friends to show up at a college bar.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

We get some memories of the past, establishing the friendship with the deceased and what happened to their lives. We get the feeling they kept in touch through social media and still talk to one another.

Quickly, we learn Sylvia wasn’t part of the group, most likely crossing paths with Max after his graduation. He became a psychology professor at a university in Wisconsin while she was a filmmaker. When she walks on with the friends, we can witness her strange behavior right off the bat.

It Only Gets Better

As the movie progresses, we face fear factors caused by outside sources. However, we discover that each of those issues is, in fact, planned. Someone is toying with them.

The young college girlfriend, Amber, is the one who witnesses the first apparition of a man. She then slides into the mud to the casket at the service. She is also the one who notices the cameras and never met neither the friends nor the deceased. The presumed bimbo is the smart one her boyfriend doesn’t listen to.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

When you think a cliché is about to show up, something else turns up and changes the direction of the obvious. The movie is fast-paced and keeps your attention quickly, with a major twist for the ending.

What We Are Looking For

We usually anticipate a killing every ‘x’ number of minutes in slasher movies. One must die and later another, and another, until we are left with the final girl.

Home invasion movies also have their recipe. We expect physical abuse, immobilization of the one in the house and demands. We see bruising or visceral torture on the victims until an escape or the bad guys’ victory.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

30 Miles From Nowhere uses an entirely different technique. We are looking at an experiment progressing through the movie until a final result.

The ambiance is one of the slasher movies mixed with a home invasion story. However, it gives out an overall fresh outlook on horror movies of the genre.

The Anticipate It Creates

The tension builds with every strange occurrence and bad moral judgement. However, the decision to cheat on a partner is without consequences. The “for old-time-sake argument” doesn’t have a legitimate impact on the outcome.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

What should happen, i.e., if you have sex in a horror movie, you die, doesn’t occur. But twisted episodes still take place. Because they are in the middle of nowhere, the friends cannot escape without a vehicle, which in return have them rely on Sylvia—the widow.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

Every decision on the villain’s part is perfect. The friends find themselves shoved in a corner with nowhere to go. Food, drinks, safety, running water, heat, leaving, all must go through the owner. The victims are right where the killer wants them to be, and they have no idea.

When the friends start realizing something is off, they still have time to flee by stealing the vehicle, but more happens, leaving them helpless. Each move or decision was already anticipated.

The Originality We Are Witnessing

The cast has diverse nationalities, orientations, careers, personal lives, and ages. The friends are entirely different from one another in every way. There is no stronger or better gender or damsel in distress.

We have a ‘forever single,’ a ‘dating college girls only,’ the ‘friend zoned’ cursed guy, the lesbian, and the accomplished married woman. We even have the young girlfriend, Amber, who is more resourceful than one can think.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

The movie feels so natural that every scene seems to fit right where it is. It even has you cheer for a relationship. The friends are so different that it has the viewer think about their friends in school. It’s a well-thought-out group, behavior and script.

When it comes to strange occurrences, they are spread around the movie to give the movie a good pace. Each friend witnessed, either alone or with someone, something strange happening. No one is ‘the’ one, always seeing what’s wrong. They all do and agree they must leave.

A Smart Move

The twist at the end is the cherry on top. The movie is so good that the ending is only a delight. It completes the circle perfectly.

There are so many smaller horror movies out there. Many are good, but just as many are harder to watch. 30 Miles From Nowhere deserves a greater audience and a chance to have followers. The story is original, and the ending is perfect.

30 Miles From Nowhere
30 Miles From Nowhere

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of a good horror movie. It isn’t a heavy or gory movie. It’s more on the light side for easy movie nights. Anyone older than eighteen can watch this movie and enjoy every bit of it.

Have you seen 30 Miles From Nowhere? What did you think?

Arielle Belle Lyon

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