“Your Nightmare” by Vampyrëan featuring Chris Pohl Review

I enjoy checking out new music blind to me. Vampyrëan was one I had not heard before.

A Solo Project

Vampyrëan is the solo project from Vlad Janicek, a former member of Nosferatu. That right away got my attention.

I am familiar with Nosferatu and really enjoy their gothic rock-infused music. I then saw that Chris Pohl from Blutengel is featured on the track. That made me even more excited to listen.

Blutengel is an electronic gothic band founded by Chris Pohl. I couldn’t wait to see how these two sounds were brought together.

A Dark Twisted Review

The track I am reviewing is Your Nightmare. The song was described when presented to Gothic Bite Magazine as “a dark and twisted insight into the mind of a demonic serial killer.”

That got my attention. As a significant horror fan, that made me even more eager to listen. As the song opens up, it has an eerie feel that already gave me chills.

“Try not to show him the fear he craves…”


I loved it! The vocals hit, and at first, they are shaky in a truly evil sound. It really set up the essence of the song. Then the vocals hit a more raw and deeper tone. I felt their power. From that point, I knew I was hooked.


When Chris Pohl’s guest vocals enter, it’s pure perfection. These two together are a match made in every gothic music fan’s dream. The whole song has an evil and creepy essence, but it also creates the need to find out more about what’s going in the mind of this evil being. I felt like this killer was something in nightmares and should be feared.

But What Goes On Behind The Lyrics

The song tells the story of a killer who feeds off fear. This killer hunts in the shadows. The part that really hit me was the line “try not to show him the fear he craves.” I felt that. Then near the end of the song, it talks about this killer being notorious in the sense that the victim didn’t listen to the stories their mother warned them about.

That was a powerful point to make. This song is a great horror story in the form of a warning. I am a big fan of no happy endings in horror movies, and this song leaves it open to the killer is still out there.

Videos And Lyrics

I next checked out the music video. I must start out by saying I would have preferred a video showing more of the musicians, but don’t take that as I didn’t like it because I did. It features a mix of clips to show us how evil this serial killer is. If I hadn’t felt it already from the song itself, I definitely felt it from this video.


My favorite part is when we see the killer in the shadows. We don’t see anything about them except their dark shadow holding a weapon. The atmosphere of evil comes to life is superbly.

Then we see the killer in a genuinely evil mask. I felt the fear spark in me. Keeping this killer as a mystery instead of giving them a face was a great choice.

Next, we see clips that give us an idea of what happens to the victim. It shows shots with some blood, where the nightmare occurs, and the aftermath, still keeping the details a mystery.

All Is Well That Ends Awesome

The visual makes the evilness more real and the eerie atmosphere of the song stronger. This really tells the story for the eyes that the ears have already heard.

Safe to say, I love this song. I have listened to it over and over now. This is an excellent introduction to Vampyrëan.

If you are a gothic rock fan, like myself, I highly suggest you check out this music. The album The Hunger is out now. You’ll become a fast fan, like me.

Mary Dean Kazen

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