Starro The Conqueror Vs. Shuma-Gorath 

Gothic Bite Magazine is a platform for all writers and we welcome the comic book world too! This week, two of the obscure characters from the Big 2 are going head to head in this fictional battle!

Round One Fight

After watching The Suicide Squad for the sixth time on HBO Max and Marvel Comics‘ What If…? on Disney+, I was pleasantly surprised to see two old-school comic characters. Starro the Conqueror and Shuma-Gorath. 

Both titans are showing up, and it puts a smile on my face. Think about it, twenty years ago, Warner Bros and Disney wouldn’t think of putting these characters on the big screen. 

Marvel Comics – Shuma-Gorath

After all, Marvel Comics’ villain Fin Fang Foom as a cosmic dragon from beyond the stars. It was only shown in a blink of an eye, many missed the Easter Egg like in the first Iron Man movie. 

Can you only imagine how these two characters have been delivered? In later DC Comics or Marvel Comics properties? 

Mister Mind

I freaked when Mister Mind, a talking caterpillar from Shazam, actually showed up. It’s nice that studio executives are finally listening to the fans more positively. 

So, what makes me have a nerdgasm when it comes to these two characters coming to life on the big and small screen? Also, how can they benefit from future stories? And what would happen if we ever got a DC Comics vs. Marvel Comics villain crossover? First and far most, let’s discuss how they came to be.

Starro’s Origins

Starro made its appearance in 1960 in DC Comics, The Brave and the Bold #28. This is also the very first time that the Justice League of America came together.  

The character was loosely based on author Ray Cummings‘ science fiction story Terrano The Conqueror. An alien from Venus who conquered several planets before being exiled into deep space. 


Starro is a starfish that can release smaller versions of himself. Those can attach to his prey’s face, and from there, Starro can mind-control his victims. So right now, we have a cosmic entity. Let’s discuss his opponent. 

Shuma Norrath’s Origins

Shuma-Gorath is regarded as one of the ‘Elder Ones,’ similar to H.P. Lovecraft

Shuma-Gorath was around during the beginning of time. He first appeared in Marvel Comics’ premiered in #10 in 1972 as an adversary of Doctor Strange. He would crave human flesh.  

Until time-traveling wizard, Sise-Neg had the creature banished, Doctor Strange has been tasked with taking on the behemoth. 

Doctor Strange had to take on Shuma’s Dimensions and on Earth. This is an interdimensional entirety. But what of their powers and abilities?

Powers and Abilities. 

Starro can control minds, change its size, regenerate, absorb energy, and project it. 

Shuma-Gorath can project energy, manipulate reality, teleport, and is immortal. He also has many mystical powers. 

Who would win?

That’s an excellent question. It has been said with Shuma-Gorath’s aura pressure alone, he is capable of destroying multiple galaxies. If he is destroyed, it is only temporarily for whoever does defeat him. 

Its soul would, in fact, take over your body. Meaning your body would become its new host. It is said that Shuma is more powerful than Galactus and Thanos, not to mention its ability to manipulate reality.  

On the other hand, Starro has been easily defeated in several comics. I’ve yet to read Grant Morrison‘s Justice League of America.  

Moreover, after watching The Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn was able to pole vault into its eye while Ratcatcher’s legions of rats bit it to death from both the inside and outside. It didn’t seem to have a chance to recover that quickly.  

Final Thoughts

To be fair, these are just my opinions, and my research has been concluded from Marvel Comics Wiki and asking several comic book fans at my local comic book stores.  

But what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them. Comixology or your local library has back issues of DC Comics and Marvel Comics for more on these two. 

 Noah Ian Fein

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