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Gothic Bite Magazine had the pleasure to work with Chris Taylor on an article. He reviewed the band Somberwind and their new release, which happened back in April 2021.

Give A Warm Welcome

Hello, and welcome to my corner of Gothic Bite Magazine.

This week, I was asked to review some new music by a new band, Somberwind. March of 2021 saw them release the video for their latest track from their album Remain, released through Sleazy Rider Records in April 2021.

The Spell song was released on the primary music streaming services and online stores in April. And what did I think of it?

The Feels And Emotions

It’s a strong song. The beginning reminds me of Evanescence, but then the guitar kicks in, and this song takes on its own personality.

Caterina Nix’s haunting lilt captures the ear like the Sirens of old, and Marco Cusato adds his own verbal and somatic spell-weaving, not to mention the gritty guitar he plays. It is easy to get caught up in this song as the music slips under your skin as easily as a thistle thorn.

The cinematography of the video is beautiful and haunting, an entrancing Gothic play caught on film. Nix easily takes on the persona of the beautiful sacrificial offering, from the black silk garment to the rope tied about her wrists. Everything suggests she is not long for this world.

The Intentions And Visuals

A feeling strengthened by the actress with the sacred blade. While she and Nix share the screen, the knife is present and the malicious intent clear.

While the actress and Cusato, who brings to mind a modern-day Merlin with less than pure intent, are on-screen, her hands move in the same gestures but are devoid of the steel. And Cusato? Well, his vocals sound as if he’s slinging magic while his movements suggest experience with sorcery.

The lyrics speak of repentance, or rather a lack thereof, and eternal life, though not in the traditionally accepted way of most churches. There is magic and fire, stars and shadows. Chances.

There is a well-defined beauty in the darkness of The Spell, one worthy of time and deep consideration. It is a Gothic fantasy brought to you by the talents of two terrific musicians.

An Amazing Band To Discover

Will I search for more of Somberwind’s music? You had better believe it. And I will add it to my playlist on my favorite music streaming service, even though it might not fit my typical musical profile. 

The videos are also on my radar. Why wouldn’t I want to watch four-to-eight-minute movies with a beautiful lead, a dastardly villain, and possibly some henchmen or women?


Overall, The Spell gothically—yes, I made that word up—ROCKS. If this is your genre of music, you should be adding Somberwind and possibly listening to The Spell on repeat. If their music isn’t your thing, then, quite possibly, you don’t understand Gothic and its nuances.

Follow Them To Support Their Music

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Somberwind is on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, they are also on YouTube.

Hit ‘em up, like them, follow them, and share them. Let’s get a pair of creative Gothics out there for others to see and hear and, maybe even, love.

Chris Taylor

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