Crown Royalty

The Man in the Walls of Buckingham Palace

We all have heard of stalkers, but how far back can we go? This time we are in the Victorian Era under a matriarch ruling of a famous queen.

The Badass English Queen

I’m sure everyone knows who Queen Victoria was. I mean, it isn’t called the Victorian Era for nothing. She was a badass who used herself as bait to catch an assassin, drank cocaine-wine, and practically invented the sext.

So, one could she deserved a nemesis with the same larger-than-life stature. Edward Jones went above and beyond typical stalker levels, not just following her around and watching her from the shadows. No, he literally lived inside the walls of Buckingham Palace!

The Obsession Of A Stalker

Seen by a porter peeking in a window, Edward was apprehended after a chase with the authorities. They searched him and found several pairs of the Queen’s underwear in his possession, but he was also covered in grease!

He claimed this was to make it easier to squeeze into the palace’s chimneys, where he’d been living for a year.

Queen Victoria by Bassano
Queen Victoria by Bassano

During the day, he would remain hidden, either in the chimneys, walls or even behind furniture. He was able to get close enough to Queen Victoria to eavesdrop on her conversations.

After dark, he would venture out and steal whatever possessions he could, as well as visit the kitchens to eat and clean up.

The Stalker Without Crimes

By some stroke of luck, Edward was found not guilty and released. Again, he went to the palace, where he was again apprehended. This went on for quite some time.

The police begged him to do something productive with his life, but the man remained fixated on Queen Victoria.

Coronation portrait by George Hayter
Coronation portrait by George Hayter

Five arrests later, he was sent off to Brazil but returned to Britain. Again he was sent off, this time to Perth. Karma has gotten the best of him, however. He became the butt of jokes about being the creep who stole Queen Victoria’s panties.

A Resourceful Obsession

In that day and age, a stalker had to be quite resourceful. If they wanted to stay close to the object of their obsession.

Buckingham House 1710
Buckingham House 1710

Edward Jones took it to the extreme and will live on forever, known only as of the man who lived in the walls of Buckingham Palace to be close to the Queen. Talk about creepy!

Mila Waters

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