Testiculo Mutilaciones a Pantansosumpf Review by Mary Dean Kazen

Gothic Bite Magazine loves to give a platform to every type of artist, and that includes musicians. Our reviewers cannot wait to hear what the Gothic world has to sing about, and Mary listened well!

Reaching Out To GBM

Pantanosumpf reached out to Gothic Bite Magazine, introducing themselves as first a supporter of artists in many forms. They are a mixture of artists in Argentina and other parts of the world. 

They celebrate and promote all forms of artistic talent and really have created a movement, more like a community, of talented artists. They also have created a record label highlighting local artists. 

Darkwave Post-Punk Style

They presented the band Testiculo to us, along with their demo Multilaciones or Mutilations in English. They are described by Pantanosumpf as a “darkwave, post-punk, and art-punk band.” 

I was excited to listen to this band. I love all genres of music. I especially love to hear new sounds. Moreover, I love to celebrate cultures from all over the world.

 I will be honest. The demo is a raw recording. It was rough to listen my first time through. But as I listened on, I found myself really enjoying the unique sound. 

Once they get into more professional recording, they could introduce the world to a sound that will be an enjoyable experience and something to be remembered. 

The Experiment Came Through

I would describe their sound as experimental. I think the word dark wave was the perfect word to describe their sound. The atmosphere is dark but also inviting. The music is definitely the main focus. 

 There are vocals and words, but I got the impression that wasn’t the main focus. Music fans like to focus more on the sound than the lyrics then this band’s music is right up your alley.

Music - Guitar
Music – Guitar

English is my first and only language. So there was a language barrier for me. Yet, that didn’t stop me from appreciating and enjoying the music. There might be a different feeling if I could understand the language and what their message is. 

I suggest this band to fans of the music of a different sound. If the mainstream music, including popular underground, is boring you, then give this band a listen. Again, keep in mind that this demo is very raw. 

 Historia Universal de la Destrucción

They are working on their first album, Historia Universal de la Destrucción, translated into Universal History of Destruction in English. They are working on that under Pantanosumpf.  

Before the official release, there will be a video clip for fans and new listeners to enjoy. This band will also be playing live in Argentina first and then over the rest of the world. 

Live Recordings

I am interested to hear more from this band once their first official release is out. And I’d love to learn more about the group. 

And also what their message is. I am fascinated to hear what they sound like on a live recording. I hope to learn more about them as time goes on.  

Also, I am definitely interested in following Pantanosumpf and what projects they are working on. 

Check out Testiculo’s demo! 

Mary Dean Kazen

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