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Webtoon Mortalfied by Curly Review

Webtoons are gaining popularity and here, at Gothic Bite Magazine, we have an amazing reviewer, Kayla Krantz to let us know her thoughts!

Summary Of Mortalfied


Mortalfied by the creator, Curly, brings us this superb supernatural romance!

Salem’s life is turned upside down after a new body shows up at his morgue whose a lot less dead than he initially thought. 

Mortalfied by Curly on Webtoon
Mortalfied by Curly on Webtoon


Mortalfied‘s genre is Supernatural and Romance by Curly.

NOTE: This comic is also available as a novel on WEBTOON

*Comic is LGBTIA friendly*

The Spooky Season Has Arrived!

Spooky season is here, and Mortalfied is the perfect comic to read in celebration. The black and white aesthetic really helps you dive into the world of vampires, witches, grumpy morticians, and one charming zombie! The comic has a real movie-like feel in the way each of the characters is introduced. 

We’re introduced to the comic’s MC, Salem, a somewhat angsty goth mortician, when the story begins. He’s got a lot of moxie, and that makes it easy to not only root for him but to relate to him as well. Salem hasn’t always had the most effortless life. With a debilitating heart condition, he’s done his best to get by, collecting a myriad of exciting friends along the way.

Breakups Are Rough For Webtoons Too!

After a particularly rough breakup and a recent trip to the hospital, Salem is just trying to survive the best he can. Burying himself in his work is one way that he goes about it. It’s also how he finds himself face-to-face with a not-so-dead corpse in the morgue.

Violet has no idea who she is in life, but she never lets that interfere with her bright and cheery personality. Since she has no memory of what happened before she woke up in her own grave, she instead cherishes the memories of those who have helped her since. Primarily, a vampire named Conner.

Salem from Mortalfied by Curly on Webtoon
Salem from Mortalfied by Curly on Webtoon

Of course, it takes Salem quite a bit of time to realize what Violet is. At this time, we’re introduced to another character named Fae, who also moonlights as a powerful witch. From there, the foundations of who all the main characters are set. The story is ready to go.

The Unique Interactions

I’m excited to see how they interact with one another and how their paths will overlap in future episodes. Since there are only about ten episodes right now, there is enough material to immerse us in the world and fill us will all the questions. 

My favorite part about the comic is how the author presents the characters as real people. Not only are their personal struggles apparent, but their goals in life are made clear as well. For example, Violet is on a quest to remember who she is, or Salem seeks emotional fulfillment. 

Old Friends On The Pages

After reading the comic for a while, all the characters start to feel like old friends. As a character-driven story, I think it’s essential for the audience to really connect with and feel emotionally invested in each character, and the author manages this exceptionally well.

Story aside, the art is also well done. Violet’s design is by far my favorite, with Fae a close second. All in all, if you’re looking for something to read with both spooky and heartwarming vibes, definitely check out Mortalfied!

My Score: 5/5 Stars

Kayla Krantz

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