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Be Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees For A Day

For most of us, when we watch slasher horror movies, it is for fun. We love the adrenaline. We move on after the movie but some fall in love with the career choice of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. 

Daniel Isn’t Real

The real life Freddy Krueger-Jason Voorhees UK slasher killer story!

For our short-lived serial spree British killer Daniel Gonzalez, however, slasher flicks were life plans. When he watched horror movies like the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, he aspired to be the killer. He wanted to become Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees as a career. 

Forget the policeman or fireman! When Daniel Gonzalez grew up, he wanted to be a real-life slasher movie serial killer. He wanted to kill and frighten strangers.

Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez

In September 2004, Britishman Daniel Gonzalez brought life to his dream. The U.K. was about to meet his poorly thought-out slasher killer. Daniel decided to go on a three-day spree. His killings began on September 15th and ended on September 17th. 

 Life Isn’t A Horror Movie

On September 15th, Daniel left his house at 9:00 AM armed with a steak knife in his backpack. He caught the train and got off at Hills Station. Our noob serial killer walked to the Portscreek area, which was known to be an often-isolated area for joggers and walkers. 

There he spotted his first potential victim: a sixty-one-year-old man named Peter King. Gonzalez jumped out at him and told Peter he was going to kill him. 

Freddy vs. Jason - 2003
Freddy vs. Jason – 2003

Daniel lunged and stabbed Peter in the leg. Gonzales didn’t expect Peter to fight back, and the two men had a tumble and fight. 

The knife also struck close to Peter’s chin a few times, and he thought he was going to die, but after thirty seconds of fighting, Daniel gave up and ran away, leaving Peter King bleeding and shocked about the whole encounter. 

One, Two, Daniel Is A Noob

After the attack, Daniel Gonzalez realized he would have to target more vulnerable people who wouldn’t be able to fight back like Peter King. 

Daniel laid wait in the bushes, armed with a second knife and wearing a hockey mask like his idol, Jason Voorhees. His first fatal victim was a woman in her seventies.

Freddy vs. Jason - 2003
Freddy vs. Jason – 2003

Marie Harding was on her way home when Gonzalez struck from behind and killed her. He stabbed her in the back, slit her throat, and robbed her of twenty pounds.  

‘I will be a serial killer. I mean it, I promise. I will be a serial killer. I got that old bitch proper, bloodbath pouring out of her throat, boy, McFlurry! I got to say this, it felt really, really good. One of the best things I’ve done in my life.’ — Excerpt from Daniel Gonzales’s diary after the murder.

Daniel Gonzales

The Journey To Freddy Voorhees

The next night, armed with two more large knives, Daniel had his eyes on his next victim. It was a forty-six-year-old man from a bar. The man was walking home drunk from a night out. Kevin, the victim, was found an hour later on the street with multiple stab wounds. 

For the subsequent two attempted murders, Daniel Gonzalez decided to switch up his *M.O. He broke into a house belonging to Koumis and Christella Constantino. He left the two fighting for their lives after they pulled up a fight. They both are alive.

Kevin Molloy and Marie Harding
Kevin Molloy and Marie Harding

Our wannabe slasher killer fled the murder scene with blood-splattered clothes. He headed to what would become his fatal murders. Frustrated by his last attempt, that last act as a slasher killer would become his final and most savage killing attack.

 Three, Four, Daniel Wants More

Seventy-five-year-old Derek Robinson and his wife, sixty-year-old Jean Robinson, never expected their breakfast to be their last meal. When the doorbell rang, Daniel Gonzalez was at the door.

“I felt clean, orgasmic. I had washed all the crap out of my life. I felt better.” — Quote from Daniel Gonzales.

Daniel Gonzales

Daniel made an absurd mistake after the killing of the Robinsons. Unaware that a decorator would show up, discover the bodies and the bloodbath Daniel Gonzalez caused, our slasher killer fled. He remained at the house and decided to take a shower. 

Derek Robinson and Jean Robinson
Derek Robinson and Jean Robinson

However, Daniel Gonzalez was caught by a policeman who followed him onto a train at Tottenham Court Road station. 

Psychopath Or Wannabe?

At his trial, Daniel claimed that he was mentally ill and couldn’t take responsibility for the actions he had committed. The jury, however, found him to be a cold, callous psychopath who killed because he could. 

In 2006, the jury found him guilty. Daniel Gonzalez was sentenced to six life sentences for the four murders and two attempted murders. It was stipulated that he would never see the light of day. 


On August 9th, 2007, Gonzalez slit his wrists with shattered parts of a CD after hearing he would never be freed again. Daniel Gonzalez took what seemed to be, for most, the easy way out. Either way, the noob slasher killer died.

Unlike his idols, we believe it is safe to say there won’t be any sequels for this deranged young man.

* M.O., i.e., Modus Operandi: It’s a learned dynamic behavior. A criminal who starts committing crimes but realizes his method isn’t perfect will tweak it. The criminal will keep upgrading his operation until it is ideal in their mind.

Paula Phillips

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