The Review of Craven Manor by Darcy Coates

I am a new Darcy Coates fan. This is the second book that she has read, and I loved it from start to finish. If Darcy Coates isn’t a name you are familiar with, let me tell you a bit about her writing.  


 The Suspense And The Mystery

Author Darcy Coates writes in the genre of horror suspense. Her books contain mystery, suspense, and that eerie feeling that horror fans love so much. Her characters are relatable, and she transports the reader into the story. At least that’s what happens to me when I read her stories. 

Author Darcy Coates
Author Darcy Coates

Now onto Craven Manor. Right away, the cover of this book intrigued me. I love a good haunted house story. I got that and so much more from this book. The cover features Craven Manor, an old gothic mansion that looks inviting and dangerous at the same time. There is a light on in the top window that hints that there may be something dwelling within. 

The Invitation

The story introduces us to Daniel. He has not had the best life. He is down on his luck, poor, without any option to better his life. He lives with his cousin Kyle who seems to use Daniel’s disadvantages to cater to his needs.  

One day Daniel receives an invitation under the apartment door. It’s to be a groundskeeper at Craven Manor. There is no phone number. Just directions to the home. At first, he thinks it’s a prank, but as his luck worsens, he decides to look into it. What can it hurt?

Craven Manor

Then we are officially introduced to Craven Manor. That’s when Daniel’s connection to the property and the story truly begins. At first, he had no one to speak to. 

The Rules Of The Invitation

There is just a note from someone named Grant and coins for his pay. He is given rules of not opening the tower door, no visitors, to be in his cottage in the back by dawn, and he is not to open the curtains or door if someone knocks. The rules seem strange to Daniel, but he is someone with few options.

He eventually finds a routine taking care of the ground of Craven Manor. He even accepts the odd rules. Then he starts to uncover some mysteries of the property. Including who Grant truly is. He has to decide if he believes what his eyes see or his idea of reality has always told him. 

But that doesn’t stop the mystery. Daniel discovers secrets of the past for the property and the land. He also is determining if Craven Manor is worth saving. He must decide what and who he believes and which is the right one to help.

 Where Is My Invitation

This book was so intriguing. I was on the edge of my seat from the first page until the last. I felt for Daniel right away. Life was never fair to him. And his cousin Kyle didn’t deserve to have someone so pure and sound in his life like Daniel. I wanted Daniel to find a home in Craven Manor. I wanted to go there myself. 

Candle - Fire
Candle – Fire

The way Darcy Coates describes the beautifully built property, with its aged aesthetic, made me feel like I was there discovering it for myself. I soon learned there was so much more to this manor and story than just some hauntings. It was a fight against good vs. evil and how our own choices can really impact history and the future. 

 Up To Date Horror Trend

The horror aspect of this book is spot on. There are beings that nightmares are made of. The supernatural elements that are discovered are genuinely terrifying. Her descriptions made me envision them. If this was made into a movie, then it would scare audiences, no doubt. I was scared, and I was just reading it!

Author Darcy Coates
Author Darcy Coates

If you are a fan of stories that will keep you guessing on each page, then this is a read for you. I know a few times I felt scared myself, I had chills! Be prepared to go on this adventure with Daniel. 

The mystery of this manor and its inhabitants was genuinely remarkable. And the end just makes me want more. This story will make you fall in love with Darcy Coates‘ writing. This is a story for true horror and suspense fans.

 Mary Dean Kazen

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