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Webtoon Light Within Shadow by BluMouse Review

Webtoons are gaining popularity and here, at Gothic Bite Magazine, we have an amazing reviewer, Kayla Krantz to let us know her thoughts!

Summary Of Light Within Shadow


Lizzie lives in simple town where not much happens. But strange and dangerous things have begun to stir. Never seeing the world is one thing, but how can she and her friends handle a reality that even the gods of Varaluz have never seen?


Light Within Shadow‘s genre is Action and Fantasy by BluMouse.

NOTE: This comic is also available as a novel on WEBTOON

WEBTOON — Light Within Shadows by BluMouse
WEBTOON — Light Within Shadows by BluMouse

Light Within Shadow Review

I love stories that can not only make me laugh, but ones that lead me to fall in love with the characters as well. Light Within Shadow checks all those boxes.

From the beginning of the story, we are introduced to a fantastical world of magic and intrigue. We are slowly shown the world through the eyes of a class of students. Lizzie and Zack, two of the characters that are focused on, are actually two of my favorite characters in this entire comic so far though I have to admit there isn’t a single character that I dislike.

It can be hard to follow stories with multiple MCs, but this is not the case here. They all have such down-to-Earth personalities, and a way of communicating with one another that makes it easy to understand each of their place in the world.

When the story opens, our MC Lizzie, Lysandra, is reading a page of a textbook in class which details the history of the world of Varaluz. In this reading, she details a brutal battle in which mortals went to war against spirits.

Building Foundations

I thought this was an interesting way to not only start the story but to also subtly set the foundation for future world-building. A lot of fantasy stories that I’ve read tend to be heavy with info dumps at the beginning of the story, but Light Within Shadow avoided that pitfall.

After this initial opening bit of information, further facts and details of the world are slowly woven in as they become important to the story.

The next two episodes really help to introduce the rest of the cast of characters. This story really has a lot of main characters, but that’s part of what makes the story so fascinating.

The dynamics between the students, teachers, and other various characters grow and become more complex the longer the story goes on, making it tough to guess exactly what will become of each relationship from episode to episode. The dialogue flows smoothly and comes across realistically.

The Devil Is In The Detail

I think one of my favorite details of this comic is the way in which the fights are drawn. It can’t be easy to make each distinct type of magic come across in a different way in combat, but the creator does so with finesse. All the action scenes are very well scripted and so are the creatures that the group find themselves up against.

I want to also add a note that I adore the art style. Each character has not only different body types, but different designs for clothing, eyes, noses, and hair. I know how hard it can be to manage so many details, but I love the way it’s done.

WEBTOON — Light Within Shadows by BluMouse
WEBTOON — Light Within Shadows by BluMouse

I don’t like comics that use the same basic body structure for all of their characters and have designs so similar it’s hard to tell them apart. This is why I found the range of character appearances in Light Within Shadow to be especially appealing.

This is such a charming story that it’s tough to really narrow it down to any specific type of person who might like it. If you’re a fan of magic, friendships, humor, and adventure, I’d say this is the story for you!

5/5 Stars
Kayla Krantz

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