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Webtoon Fragmented Dreams by T.A. Teufel Review

Webtoons are gaining popularity and here, at Gothic Bite Magazine, we have an amazing reviewer, Kayla Krantz to let us know her thoughts!

Summary Of Fragmented Dreams


Plagued by never-ending nightmares and cursed with a mysterious ability to sense others’ emotions, 19-year-old Diana Massey is no stranger to the peculiar. 

Bizarre events start piling up when a young man named Casimir comes to live at her family farm. Shadowy monsters and magical warriors are just the beginning!


Fragmented Dreams‘ genre is Supernatural and Drama by T.A. Teufel

NOTE: This comic is also available as a novel on Wattpad and Tapas!

Fragmented Dreams Review

Fragmented Dreams is filled with mystery and intrigue. From the very first panel, we’re introduced to a fantastical world with a dark side and a look into a tormented mind. 

Poor Diana just wants a decent night’s sleep, but some things are just too good to be true. Her waking life isn’t all bad. Living with her grandpa on a farm, Diana has a simple kind of life.

And then Casimir comes along, her grandpa’s new farmhand.

Diana swears he seems familiar, but she’ll never guess that the place she’s seen him before in her dreams. Her situation intensifies the longer she lives with him. Soon, she realizes that the line between dreams and reality is thin.

So Thin That It’s Possible To Cross It

I absolutely adore Diana’s character. She’s got a lot of moxie and sarcasm and can really hold her own when things get rough. Whether it be bullies or nightmares or just plain awkward encounters with Casimir, Diana proves that she can handle it all with her head held high. 

What I love about this comic is the way that Casimir is her opposite. He’s friendly and quiet, laden with plenty of secrets that somehow include her. 


He does what he can to blend in and make peace with all those around, and it’s for this reason that Diana eventually begins to warm up to him. The problem is, Casimir didn’t come to town alone.

He’s brought trouble with him. And Diana may be the only one who knows precisely how much.

Horror Drowning
Horror Drowning

In this comic, what I’m looking forward to the most is seeing how Diana and Casimir’s relationship blossoms later on in the story. Their conflicting personalities make every interaction entertaining, and I can’t wait to see how things change down the road when they get more comfortable with one another. 

I love how the creepy dream imagery has been mixed in with the otherwise normal story giving it that overall eerie tone. The suspense of it all really drives you to keep reading because if you’re like me, you’ll want to know exactly what’s behind Diana’s dreams. And how Casimir ties into it all. 

Review: 5/5

Kayla Krantz


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