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A Review Of Webtoon Ilword by Kayla Krantz

Webtoons are gaining popularity and here, at Gothic Bite Magazine, we have an amazing reviewer, Kayla Krantz to let us know her thoughts!

Summary Of Ilword


A lonely misfit wakes up in a monster world without explanation. As she explores this world, she meets many creatures; some kind, some deadly. During her search for answers, she meets a strange man but is he really human?

Will she ever figure out why she is here and will she ever find her way back home? Is that what she even really wants? Dark Fantasy Rated Teen Update schedule: twice a month


The Specs Of Ilword

Webtoon: Ilworld

Creator: Robots Ate My Baby

Genre: Horror/Dark Fantasy


Ilworld A Review

5/5 Stars!!!

Isis doesn’t expect to find herself in a world made entirely of monsters, but that’s exactly what happens one day. In spite of not knowing how she got there or even knowing who she is, Isis is a strong character who lets us know right from the beginning of the story that she is not one to be trifled with.

In spite of the no doubt overwhelming situation that she finds herself in, she manages to show her good traits right away.

Candle - Fire
Candle – Fire

The secondary characters are equally as well developed. It isn’t long before Isis makes friends with a monster named Iacchus, who seems to be an unfortunate soul living his existence on the edge of town. His upbeat personality is infectious, even to Isis who agrees to follow him while she waits for her memory to return.

It doesn’t take long for her to start to see the darkness of this new world that she’s ended up in. Monsters are monsters, even to one another. Isis shows her first real bout of bravery when she saves an innocent monster named Kreme from being eaten. Despite not having a weapon or any real way of fighting, she throws her life on the line anyway.

What I Enjoy

I think that’s one of the things I enjoyed the most about this comic. It’s so refreshing to read something with such a strong female lead. She knocks herself down quite a bit but always finds a way to get back up again.

The friendships that she develops with the monsters along the way really make the comic pop. Every character is dynamic and adds more mystery to the story.

Horror - Antique - Typewriter
Horror – Antique – Typewriter

When the mysterious Rahab shows up, the only other being she’s seen that looks even remotely human, she knows she has to follow him. Even though that leads her into another series of fights.

Make no mistake, though there are plenty of cute moments and monsters in this story, it is pretty dark. I love it though, the way the characters carry the story forward.

From Strangers To More

Though they start out as strangers, and they all have their own reasons for joining Isis on her journey, they really become close.

Antique Camera
Antique Camera

One last aspect I enjoy of this comic is the unique monster designs. No two monsters look the same, and I know how much work and effort it takes on the part of the creator to do such a thing. All the hardwork does not go unnoticed!

So, if you’re looking for a comic full of friendship, monsters, sorrow, and quests, this is the story for you!

Kayla Krantz

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