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The Horror Lifestyle Is A Thing

The horror is a lifestyle is a thing is a term that has a different meaning to each person who identifies with it.

What Does It Mean For Me

For me, it means: embracing the horror-themed culture that brings us comfort in all things dark and spooky. Basically, we are addicted to the chills you get from anything that gives you a bit of a fright.

Horror culture is something that has blown up over the years. The boom of social media has allowed more horror lovers to showcase their love for all things horror and communities have formed.

Horror - Serial Killer
Horror – Serial Killer

Social Media Horror Gatherings

There are Facebook groups just for horror fans to share their love for horror and even their dark humor. There are Instagram accounts dedicated to everything horror-themed. And creators on TikTok have blown up recreating our favorite scenes from horror movies.

Horror has definitely become a lifestyle.

What About The Music Scene?

Horror has also become a huge theme in the music scene. The biggest genre to embrace it as Psychobilly. You have bands like Nekromantix and Koffin Kats that have based their lyrics around everything horror-related.

Have you ever been to a Psychobilly band concert? It’s a fun experience. It’s a community of people who love the same music, all jumping around, dancing, moshing, singing together. It’s a place where people with the same interests come together and feel accepted together.

We Are Just Like You

Now, this doesn’t mean that those who love horror or evil or malicious people. Actually quite the opposite. The people I have met in the horror community are some of the kindest people I have ever met.

The dark and twisted appeal of horror movies is that its fiction. It’s just for fun. It is a way for us with a dark side to our humor to feel entertained.

Horror - Knife
Horror – Knife

Why do we like to be scared? When we are afraid, we experience a spike of adrenaline. The body also releases endorphins and dopamine. These feelings can be feelings of pleasure. Also, being scared is an addiction for risk-takers.

Take The Left Path

You don’t have to be a stunt person to be considered a risk-taker. There is a particular rush with pushing just beyond our safety boundaries.


I want to share lyrics from one of my favorite songs that sums up how I feel like a horror fan.

Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space – “Horror movie Fan.”

“Zombies, ghosts, vampires, demons, monsters, psychopaths.
Possesses my life since sweet innocence turned into dark.
A nightmare made of celluloid and pleasured shudder creeps up my neck.
I love this feeling and anticipation when pure evil will attack.
Bela Lugosi and his creatures of the night.
Boris Karloff was dismissed by his bride.
Vincent Price and, Yeah, Christopher Lee.
These people mean more than just actors to me.
Fucking Censorship drives me really insane.
Oh Yeah, that’s what I’m,
I’m a dedicated Horrormovie Fan.
My life is like a scene full of faked blood and screamings.
Horror movie Fan.
I watched them all from my earliest age on.
Gothic, Gore, and Splatter Horormovie turns me on.
I’m ready for Freddy and “The Saw Is Family.”
Pinhead, Chucky, Jason – Anti-Heroes sets me free.
I hate the rating system and the FSK.
Oh Yeah, that’s what I’m,
I’m a dedicated Horrormovie Fan
My life is like a scene full of faked blood and screamings
Horror movie Fan.”

Who else can relate? Whether you like to be scared or like to do the scary, there is a community that you can fit into. And you are definitely in the right place.

Mary Dean

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