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The Social Function Of Serial Killers

Returning from a break I decided to come back to my roots with serial killer obsessions. What do they think and how do they proceed is what this article is all about.

Social Construct

*** Note: the article is about serial killers with psychopathy tendencies.

Honestly, what do each one of us serve in society? Are we like the hardworking bees, all assigned duties or work assignments to make the hive grow, survive.

It’s hard to believe that we serve an integral part of society with our mundane day-to-day interactions, but we do. 

Like Drones With A Hive

As a collective society, we follow laws, work, vote, and mind our business when we can. We follow societal norms because they usually benefit all of us.

Still, not everyone in a functioning society acts like the rest of us, people who kill other people for pleasure or just because they are indeed evil, serial killers lack empathy, and they are a fascinating study because of that. 

Horror - Knife

So what are your chances of falling prey to one of these killers, glad to say it’s pretty low? Serial killers or others who deviate from the norms set forth by society are indeed unpreventable in any society and, in small amounts, are necessary to keep and strengthen bonds within a civilization. 

Evil Is Sometimes Born But Not All The Time

It’s hard to understand how anyone so vile or evil serves a purpose, but they do in a social type of paradigm. Think about it this way, they help reinforce the basic rules we have for a free and functioning society. Murder in any community is taboo and one of the worse things you can do, so why do we have serial killers? 

“French social scientist Émile Durkheim. According to the functionalist theoretical perspective, society is held together by social consensus or cohesion, in which members of society agree upon—and work together to achieve—what is best for all of society.” 

It is hard to disassociate your feelings when discussing such crimes. Some of us can see through a serial killer‘s lens. But that is because murder has become an accepted fact of life. So what function do serial killers serve that other killers don’t? 

One Time Killer vs. Multiple Times Killer

I mean, murder happens every day, but many of these murders are conducted by “normal” killers. As a society, we can make sense of these murders, but we don’t when it becomes multiple victims, brutal, and not knowing who the killer is. 

These killers make us feel primal urges we shouldn’t in a civilized society, but they do. Their murders seem so random, which only adds to our imagination and fear. There is a mystique to these killers because, for many of us, we will never understand how they do it and why. 

Serial killers are driven by insatiable human wants and desires. They are our own worst reflection. Our society benefits from such disturbing behavior because it identifies, apprehends, and punishes criminals, clarifying the rules and limits within a functioning society. 

It’s About The Message

Any time a criminal is punished, it sends out a message to others that this behavior will not be tolerated. Murder, on the other hand, is a crime so horrible mainly because most societies and humans place a high value on human life. 

Asylum - Horror

Punishment for murder is the harshest, so when we read about a killer who has murdered over a dozen people, our minds cannot process the deviance of such actions. It doesn’t help when the killers have been finally apprehended. These people show no remorse or empathy. 

Their crimes are and look inhumane. Serial killers reflect our society in a way, with passions and appetites that have no boundaries, they act on their most basic needs. 

Serial Killers Are Not All Psychopaths

Although not all serial killers kill for the same reasons, there is an array of motivations that dictate a serial killer’s operus mondi. Still, in this context, we are looking at them and their place in society.

Why? Because one thing all serial killers have in common is their desire to keep killing, and they will. 

Serial killers serve to remind us that our society adopts and emulates beliefs about crimes that are so despicable based on how harshly violations of those crimes are punished. Without these punishments, there would be no guidelines or a way to control our never-ending self-pursuits or self-centered gratification.  

We Can’t Differentiate Good Without Serial Killers

Serial killers do this by setting up punishment within society for murder, one of the harshest and most vile crimes committed.  

Horror – Serial Killer

The harshest retribution is given to them, and they provide a moral compass to the rest of society, a guideline of sorts. There is a general structure of shared understandings, norms, and beliefs in society. 

Dora Esquivel

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