Ten Second Songs Now Anthony Vincent

The BooTube Expert, James Vaughan, is back with a new artist he wants to showcase. It is worth it!

Enough Rest

Alright, Biters GBM is back after a little needed R&R. Before all of us writers jump back into writing, I thought I’d warm back up by showcasing another of my favorite musical YouTubers. 

Today I’m putting the GBM spotlight on Anthony Vincent and his channel Ten Second Songs.

Ten Second Songs Patreon

Here is the About of Anthony Vincent on Patreon.

Thank you all for your extra support! I feel like this is where I’m supposed to type some kind of heart-throbbing message about my “journey” through the years. I don’t really know where I’m going. I’m taking it as it comes. 

And so far, it’s been an exciting ride. Not everyone can say they were able to turn their passion into a full-time job. It’s a lot of work, so it’s not all fun and games. However, I wouldn’t choose any other life. 

“And none of this could happen if you weren’t here to watch and listen to what I put out. Especially those of you who contribute to my Patreon, you’re helping ensure that I could keep creating stuff on the internet. So, thank you.” — Anthony Vincent

Anthony Vincent previously also known as Ten Second Songs

 No Such Thing As A Bad Song

Following up on my thoughts in my article from a few weeks back. It was about Frog Leap Studios and that there is no such thing as a bad song. Honestly, there’s only the wrong artist or genre for it. 

Enter Sandman in the Style of David Bowie by Anthony Vincent

I can’t think of a better artist to showcase what I meant than Anthony Vincent. He joined YouTube back in 2015. He averaged about two uploads a month and had a ninety-nine and plus video library to enjoy. 

The YouTube Power

Vincent’s channel sits at ten thousand in subscriptions and a little over half a million in views. He also acts as the frontman for his band, Set The Charge, and had a role in Netflix‘s movie, The Dirt as Mötley Crew’s singer, John Corabi.

Anthony is a phenomenal musical mimic, which he showcases by bouncing between bands, singers, and genres. Vincent sings a chosen song from start to finish switching it up each verse or averaging 20 voices per song. 

Anthony Vincent

This gives us a fascinating peek at what might have been or what could be when it comes to a song. Biters, I ask you if you could picture The Beach Boys singing Chop Suey

Or what about The Weather Girls who sang It’s Raining Men belting Metallica. Well, imagine no more! Ten Second Songs has you covered. Vincent’s impressions have left me humorously entertained. 

Changing The Beats And Meanings

It shows my point about the artist being for a song, and I am glad some he chose didn’t write or cover that said song.

It turns out I’m not the only one who felt that way. After all, many subscribers’ comments on his videos saying they want full covers by this featured artist or that one. 

Anthony Vincent
Anthony Vincent

I can’t say when he did answer the call, but he didn’t leave these requests unanswered. He let the full covers be decided by popular votes. My favorite of these is Enter Sandman in the style of David Bowie. Another is Careless Whisper in the style of Disturbed

When it comes to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, it becomes a bit toned down. Then, it has a lighter rock easy-listening vibe to it. Meanwhile, George Michael’s Careless Whisper ditches the sexy sax that invokes naughty lace and leather for an electric guitar. What we have now sounds like a jaded lover.

More Changes And Questionings

One other video I thought I’d mention is Robyn Adele Anderson‘s cover of Eminem‘s Without Me. In this video, Vincent appeared as a guest. He was her duet partner for a jazz rendition of the hit rap song. 

Now I’m not a big rap genre fan. However, I have enjoyed Eminem songs from time to time. Giving the nature of how the rap genre works, all I can do is nod my head to the beat. To my taste, the lyrics go by too fast to fully comprehend. It is also spoken in what I think is the same note from start to finish. 

Anthony Vincent

Robyn and Anthony Vincent slow it down themselves with a live jazz band and singing. Biters, not only can I now hear how intelligent Eminem’s writing is, but now the song rises and falls, building up then winding back down. 

It’s just interesting how something as small as changing the genre can improve a song for some of us.

That Is All Biters!

Well, Biters, I think that’s all I got. All my rust is shaken off. If you’re up for a fun game of “switch the singer,” give Ten Second Songs a try. After all, you never know who Anthony Vincent will do with your favorite artist and song.

BooTube Expert
James Vaughan

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