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The Devil’s Landing On Earth

If you grew up Catholic, you must well know the story where Archangel Michael defeated the Devil, and he fell from Heaven. But, where exactly did he land? Satan created Hell following his fall. The answer might surprise you.

The Fall Of All Falls

As part of the Abrahamic religions, Satan or the Devil often uses seduction to induce a sinful response from humans. The Devil is part of almost all religions throughout history. But the one we are addressing comes from not only Catholicism and Christianity, but also Islam as well as Judaism. The Devil’s landing on Earth, is it real?

The Devil is a fallen angel, but when angelic one of the most precious ones to God. He was his favorite and most beautiful angel and ‘son’ at the time. Despite his rebellion against God when he refused to bow to Adam, the Devil lived.

Death Hell Demons

God allowed him to remain alive with all his angelic abilities after the fall at the gates of Heaven. After the Archangel Michael defeated Satan, the poor devil—pun intended—fell to his doom. Many angels followed him in his rebellion and fell.

Despite his revolt, God granted the Devil the dominion over demons—spawns of the fallen, the angels who followed him, and humans who did wrong. All temporary but, allegedly, still in motion today.

Angel Statue
Angel Statue

Because Satan became part of the story as of the Garden of Eden and not Genesis, some believe him to only represent evil intentions. But that’s another story! His fall, however, does not seem to have a date.

The Devil left Heaven after the creations of angels but before the Garden of Eden’s tragedy. Nonetheless, somehow, the Devil still had access to Heaven.

The Devil We Know

This article is not about the provenance or origin of the Devil but where he landed when he fell from Heaven. However, Satan’s intentions in his rebellion are quite intriguing as it changes from one belief to the next.

The folklore surrounding his character is fascinating, to say the least. One says it was to test God’s followers’ loyalty while the other was to hurt God intentionally. Those are only two out of many to speculate how the story of the Devil begun.

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

What we know is that somehow, he fell from Heaven. The search begins to know where he fell and does he still resides in the same emplacement? The Devil’s landing on Earth, is the place real? We can guess there must be many places that claim to be the ones where the Devil landed. Because many believe he fell on Earth.

First Stop Mount Niphates

According to Book IV of Paradise Lost, the Devil would’ve landed on top of Mount Niphates in Armenia. Earth’s innocence reminded him of what he once was. He wondered if he could ever be forgiven for his actions and maybe go back ‘home.’

n Milton

But what is Paradise Lost? Paradise Lost is a poem of epic proportions written by John Milton. He was an Englishman poet who lived in the 17th century. His poem, first published in the year 1667 as its first edition. The work of poetry is not for the new reader as it is spread throughout twelve books.

With minor revisions, the work follows the manner of Virgil‘s Aeneid. It is a significant work from John Milton’s life. It made his place among the greatest poets of his time unshakable. Paradise Lost revolves around the Devil and the Fall of Man. The poem’s goal was to make people understand the reason God did what he did.

Maybe we learn why God let Satan live, to understand just like a child would. Maybe the Devil’s landing on Earth is to learn about himself or others?

Second Stop Iceland

Icelanders believed that volcanic flares from volcanoes were fallen souls burning in Hell. Build on the land of natural environmental beauty, Iceland is a picturesque place to visit. But, it is also part of their belief that the gates to inferno are the Krafla volcano.

According to recent surveys, Icelanders believe in elves’ presence, among other more pagan originating people. It does not exclude the Devil since his depiction in some literature is close to the pagan deity, Pan.

Coming back to the Krafla volcano, its ten-kilometer-wide caldera sits along the mid-Atlantic ridge. It is quite an adventure in itself to visit as it is quite dangerous with wooden trails to stick to in the hope of preventing perilous accidents.

Pan Painting

Sulfurous gas surrounds the area of Krafla with stagnant marshlands among volcanic debris. It is spread across plains, and let’s not forget that Iceland’s nature and the entire country is quite alive. The legends and folklore are mostly dark in these lands. From generation to generation, the legend of Krafla being a portal to Hell is alive and well.

Krafla is one of the strong possibilities that it is the emplacement where the Devil himself crashed on Earth after his fall from Heaven.

Final Stop Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania

Some say Romania is the birthland of the heebie-jeebies. After all, it gave birth to Vlad the Impaler and made vampires worldwide famous. It is also the land of Count Dracula and Nosferatu. But it also has its own devilish ground, the Hoia-Baciu Forest.

Hoia-Baciu, Romania

This place is not a claim to Satan’s fall to Earth. However, it is a strange place where hauntings and disappearances occur regularly. The forest baffles scientists since its discovery. The mystery revolves around one place, one circle, where nothing grows, and animals refuse to walk or cross.

Poenari Castle
Poenari Castle

The forest itself carries strange stories. The most popular one is of a five-year-old girl who entered the woods and disappeared. She came back five years later in the same clothes with no recollection of what happened.

Could the circle be the Devil’s landing on Earth? Leaving behind traces of his mystical abilities? Or is it that upon his crashing, it left a dimensional portal behind where people step to another realm?

So Where Did The Devil Land?

It is clear that even with the most famous claims, no one could ever know for sure if the Devil exists and if he landed somewhere. However, Satan’s presence is well and alive in legends and beliefs around the world and lived for millennia.

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

There are places on Earth that attract the paranormal more than others and persist over time. The landing of the Devil on Earth is one mystery that overshadows many others. The Devil’s popularity is also growing with Lucifer, Supernatural, Constantine, The Exorcist’s Apprentice, Good Omens, Dracula, Midnight Texas, and Preacher, among others.

For sure, his name is not soon to disappear. It’s the eternal battle of good versus evil, but something tells me the Devil is not as evil as we think. I’m not the only one thinking so, looking at you, Neil Gaiman.

All we need to know is, “What is it you truly desire?”

The OCD Vampire,
A.B. Lyon

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