We Summon The Darkness

Summoning Darkness In The 80s

When it comes to horror movies, not many people are “into it.” The prominent categories are rarely associated with it, but Shudder is.

Official Summary of We Summon The Darkness

Summoning darkness in the 80s but first let’s read the summary!

The killing spree of murderous Satanists has already led to 18 deaths throughout America’s Heartland. Three best friends Alexis, Val, and Beverly embark on a road trip to a heavy metal music festival.

We Summon The Darkness Official Trailer

Naive, they bond with three seemingly fun-loving dudes, and soon the group heads off to Alexis’ country home, a very secluded place, for an afterparty.

What should be a night of fun and youthful debauchery may instead take a dark, deadly turn. With killers on the loose, can anyone be trusted? — Rotten Tomatoes

The Overall Feel Of Darkness

The movie takes place in my favorite decade, the 1980s. Best rock and metal music ever! Best over the top fashion! Best decade for slasher flicks and horror movies from A to D! I just love everything about it!

I’m a mid-eighties baby; nevertheless, I grew up seeing the fashion fade away. But the music and reruns of series and movies held on. So, when watching the movie, I could actually admire the work put into it to have one relive the glorious decade.

We Summon The Darkness
We Summon The Darkness

The fashion, makeup, hair, is all-present but not “in your face.” Which, in this case, I believe, is for the better. It gives the movie just enough of the eighties feel without screaming it out loud, bringing heaviness to it.

The music is, of course, perfect for the movie with artists we know and recognize. Because the movie is qualified as horror-comedy, expect some heavy metal of the time.

The Horrific Ambiance

The one thing I enjoyed about the movie is the “I didn’t expect that!” moment. I obviously enjoyed more than one thing, but that was the prominent one. The movie is not at all what you think it might be.

Without revealing the one detail that would spoil the entire movie, I can explain one thing. When you realize what the movie is about, it has you think about the gimmick. What if they are behind the bad reputation?

In the eighties, everything was bigger, from the hair to the lifestyle. Independent televangelists and their followers were quite famous. Were those people as popular as rock stars…maybe?

We Summon The Darkness
We Summon The Darkness

The movie shows you the larger than life influence television can have on people. It also shows you how unreachable expectations for children can destroy their lives. Profound message for horror-comedy, isn’t it? Summoning darkness in the 80s was popular with many rebels after all.

The Comedic Factor

Other than the over the top gruesome dismembering expected, there are a few other comedic moments. It is not a “rolling on the floor” comedy. But it is an exaggeration of the decade and its influence on its youth.

Because the movie has you go, “I didn’t expect that!” twist moment I can’t really implement that quality of acting from the trio, but you’ll agree.

We Summon The Darkness
We Summon The Darkness

The movie is not stupid because of the psychological reaction of the leader and her BFF. Their actions are justified. What they use and what they wish to accomplish might be in vain. But they are teens and need help.

The movie is like an updated typical eighties’ horror movie. All is updated from the script, the acting, the music, the wardrobe choices, and the story. Everything in We Summon The Darkness is not stereotypical but adequately reflects the decade.

We Summon The Darkness
We Summon The Darkness

The comical relief comes a lot from the horror flick genre’s killing fashion. It also comes from the main character’s psychological turn.

Without A Spoil

When I saw the trailer, I knew I had to watch it. I’m the horroraholic that enjoys the classic just as much as the comedy and B movies. I live for those movies! We Summon The Darkness exceeded my expectation and took me down a road I did not expect.

We Summon The Darkness
We Summon The Darkness

The movie’s major plot twist has a specific placement. Henceforth, I cannot talk about it without ruining the story. For that reason, I’ll stick to my guns by saying this movie is a must-watch and expect a fun ride!

I like how they married rock and televangelists together. Of course, it is the stereotypical battle, well, the one-sided struggle really. If you like rock or metal music, you know it’s an art and not the darkness of any kind.

We Summon The Darkness
We Summon The Darkness

The trio managed to keep you glued to your screen to know what happens next. You learn about the trio and their secrets, their values, and their strength. Those main girls aren’t typical because, in reality, girls are more than what meets the eye.

Because summoning darkness in the 80s is awesome! I give this movie a solid 7.8!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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